Sasha Banks On Not Knowing WWE Creative Plans, NXT Women's Division Struggling, Asuka, More

As noted, WWE Superstar Sasha Banks was recently a guest on the only pro wrestling podcast hosted by radio personality Sam Roberts, Sam Roberts' Wrestling Podcast. During the interview, Banks talked about the difficulty of not knowing WWE main roster creative plans, whether she would like all of WWE's female performers all on one television program instead of being split between WWE Monday Night RAW and WWE SmackDown Live, and WWE NXT's women's division.

According to Banks, one of the major differences between performing for NXT and WWE is that she used to always know where stories were going when she was wrestling for the yellow brand. Moreover, Banks suggested that there is no blue carpet treatment in this boss' life, as not knowing what will happen week-to-week on the main roster has been "very hard" for her.  

"I think that's what's different about NXT too. We kind of always knew where we were going, so it helped me prepare and think of ahead of time, like, 'how can I make this better?'. But when I go to RAW, it's legit, like, 'I have no clue what I'm doing.' I don't even know what to prepare for. I'm just, like, handed something or told something. And I was like, 'okay, I have one hour to get ready. Oh, okay. Alright. Let's just do it!' So, honestly, I wish we had the opportunity to know what we're doing in the next three months. If we're going with a storyline, I would like to know, 'yeah, we're going with you and Alexa [Bliss] and this is where we want to take it and where we want to go' instead of just being, 'oh, maybe you'll have a tag match. Maybe you'll have a promo. Maybe you'll have this random match that doesn't make any sense or whatever. Who knows? Or maybe you'll just sit in catering. Who knows?'"

With that said, Banks claimed that she is not alone in her experience on the main roster and went on to say that it "sucks" when storylines are randomly dropped.

"I think that's with all of our [WWE] Superstars. None of them know what's going on. When you see Monday Night RAW, we're all surprised. Sometimes we're even confused [about] where we're going. And sometimes, maybe they don't even follow through with a storyline, which kind of sucks sometimes."

When asked whether Banks would like all of the women on WWE's roster to be on only one show (much like the cruiserweights appearing exclusively on RAW), the four-time WWE RAW Women's Champion responded in the negative, as she feared that not a lot of the women would be featured.

"I feel like we wouldn't be all used if we were all just on one show, so I don't know. And, like, there [are] two champions, so that's really awesome."

Also during the podcast, Banks acknowledged that NXT's women's division has not taken off like she hoped. The former NXT Women's Champion also shared that she would love to face the uncanny Asuka.  

"I feel like the women's division down there hasn't really [taken] off the way that I would have liked it [to] have, like it should have been. And I would love to face Asuka. I mean, I don't understand why she's the longest reigning champion because I'm not down there. But they have so many incredible women down there and I just wish they were used more. That's what I have to say about that."

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Source: Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast