Source: Ring Rust Radio

Ted DiBiase spoke with Ring Rust Radio on his career in pro wrestling. Here are some of the highlights via Bleacher Report:

Getting a lot during his career, but not what really mattered to him:

"What I really want people to really realize walking away from this is that what everybody seems to think in the world if I have this great job and I make a lot of money and a nice house and a big car and all the stuff that it'll make you happy. Guys, I had that and not only did I have it, but Vince McMahon was promoting me. He was sending me everywhere first-class, Learjets, limousine, the whole star treatment, and I came to a place and realized that with all of that, if I didn't have the love and respect of my wife and my children, I didn't have anything."

"The Million Dollar Man" gimmick:

"The Million Dollar Man the character is actually a Vince McMahon original. It was presented to me and Vince kind of started laying it out. In a moment when he was called away and I was just sitting there with Pat Patterson who at the time was his right-hand man, Pat looked at me and said, 'Ted, if Vince can be a character in his own show, this is it, this is who he would be.' It had never been done before. Vince said, 'I chose you because you're articulate; you carry yourself well; you interview very well; you are a great wrestler; you're perfect for this.'"

Bobby Heenan:

"Bobby Heenan to me, he was the best. Of all the guys that have been managers that can pick up a microphone and talk, he was a natural and so good. His character like mine was so hated, it was like a little weasel. Everybody wanted to kill him and that was the whole point. Bobby Heenan was as quick-witted off the cameras as he was on the camera and just as funny. A great guy and I just thought the world of him as a person."

You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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