Brie Bella On Why She Supports Daniel Bryan Wrestling Again

Daniel Bryan's intent to return to in-ring competition has never been a secret. His wife Brie Bella was on Busted Open Radio on Monday and discussed how she feels about her husband wrestling again.

Bryan's concussion history has been well-documented, and that's why the WWE is apprehensive about allowing him to return to performing in the ring. On last night's episode of RAW, he was (kayfabe) attacked by Kane in a dark room, which was the company's way of not showing him taking bumps.

The recent return of Kurt Angle, who also has an extensive injury history, has also seemed to aid Bryan's case for a comeback. Bella said what she cares most about is Bryan's health, but she would never stop him from pursuing his dreams. She said as long as he gets medically cleared for an in-ring return, she'd stand by his decision.

"This is my thing, I told Bryan, 'Obviously your health is everything to me... As long as doctors clear you, I'm OK,' because I'm not the type of wife to ever hold back my husband from his dreams at all," she said. "And why I fell in love with Bryan, is his passion."

Bella said when he was given the news that he had to retire, Bryan immediately sought out ways he could perform again. In September, it was revealed that Bella is gearing up for a comeback of her own and Bryan is training her, which only adds more fuel to his desire to wrestle. Bryan has also insinuated that he will be seeking opportunities outside of the WWE if they refuse to give him the chance to wrestle again.

"The moment they told him he could no longer wrestle in the ring, I'm not kidding you, that next day he has done everything to figure out how he can get back into that ring," Bella said. "He's flown all over the United States to do all these different oxygen chambers, all these different things. You can't beat that passion, and that's what I tell him. That right there, that's passion that people will never be taught. I told him, 'Whatever you want to do Bryan, I 100 percent support you.'"

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Source: Busted Open Radio