Brutus Beefcake Shares Screenshot Of Letter From Hulk Hogan's Attorney

As previously reported, Brutus Beefcake is engaged in an extensive feud with his former friend and tag team partner Hulk Hogan. Beefcake escalated the feud by posting a photo of what seems to be a cease and desist letter sent to him by someone who represents Hogan.

Beefcake, who debuted alongside Hogan in 1977 and worked with him as both an ally and a rival throughout their careers, became upset with Hogan for spending time with his ex-wife and started posting disparaging remarks about him on Twitter. Beefcake then said he's writing a tell-all book, implying that it will have some revealing information about Hogan, to which Hogan responded saying he was going to sue.

It looks like Hogan wasn't bluffing. Beefcake posted a screenshot of a couple paragraphs of a letter that is kindly advising him against moving forward with his project:

"I appreciate and respect your ability to publish," the letter reads. "I do not appreciate or respect statements that are untrue, cast Mr. Bollea in a false light, or attempt to ridicule or portray Mr. Bollea's character in a false light that obviously would be harmful to his brand. I am hopeful you will take this letter as a very polite request as opposed to any sort of challenge."

The letter ends with a warning of possible litigation, stating, "I thank you for your consideration in this matter and I'm hopeful, in the future, we will have an opportunity to review your project as your life story as opposed to reviewing your project for the purposes of litigation. This of course, will be up to you."

Beefcake has maintained that Hogan once made an attempt at being romantic with his current wife but she turned him down. Beefcake also accused Hogan and his ex-wife of "brainwashing" his daughter, who is Hogan's goddaughter, and alienating him from her life.