DMV Has Issue With Enzo Amore Over Sexually Suggestive Signature

Enzo Amore is continuing to live his gimmick by what recently occurred between him and the Department of Motor Vehicles. TMZ posted a video, seen above, of Enzo commenting on refusing to re-sign his driver's license, which eerily looks like genitalia. Reportedly, Enzo has been receiving numerous phone calls from representatives of the Delaware DMW to change his signature because it looks too suggestive.

"I got issues with the state of Delaware," said Enzo. "My phone has been ringing off the d**n hook, and I've been hitting the F-U button on the side of the it, sending them things straight to voicemail, because I know who it is. It's the State of Delaware, and I know what they want. They want me to get a new signature on my license, because my current signature is unacceptable. Gotta get a new picture, the whole nine.

"So I'm walking in there with a great hairstyle, and a great attitude, because I represent myself in court, in life, and in the DMV. And I always win, because I'm the realest champ in the room. And there ain't no way the state of Delaware is gonna tell me how to sign my own license!"

Enzo would add that he has been signing it like that "since grade school," and it "looks like an E. A. to him."

If any portion of these quotes are used, be sure to H/T TMZ via WrestlingINC for the transcription.

Source: TMZ