Sound Off: Your Nominations For 2017 Wrestler Of The Year, Final Voting For Match Of The Year

We're nearing the end of 2017 and that means it's time for WrestlingINC's "Best of 2017" awards! Each day, over the next week, we will present a category that you can vote for in our "Comments" section below. The complete list of winners will then be revealed on the site on Sunday, December 31st.

Yesterday, you sent in your nominations for the "Match of the Year," please vote for your final choice in the poll below with the top four nominees. The category for today is the "Wrestler of the Year." This category covers which wrestler you thought had the best 2017. Please enter your choice in the comments section below. The top four choices in the comments will then be put into a poll, and in tomorrow's "Sound Off" article, you will vote on the winner for that category.

WrestlingINC's 2017 Match of the Year in Wrestling Inc. Polls on LockerDome

Here are the categories and the day they will be posted on:

Saturday, Dec. 23 – Breakout Star of the Year
Sunday, Dec. 24 – Feud of the Year
Monday, Dec. 25 – Tag Team of the Year
Tuesday, Dec. 26 – Woman of the Year
Wednesday, Dec. 27 – Event of the Year
Thursday, Dec. 28 – Match of the Year
Friday, Dec. 29 – Wrestler of the Year

If you would like to look back, here are the winners from 2016 and also the winners from 2015.