John Morrison On Which Company Has 'The Coolest Wrestling' Today

John Morrison has worked for a wide variety of promotions throughout his wrestling career. As a guest on a recent episode of The Ross Report, he discussed some of his experiences with Jim Ross.

Morrison debuted in Impact Wrestling earlier this year, competing as Johnny Impact. One of the staple features of Impact is its six-sided ring, which it has utilized for the majority of its existence. Morrison said he's worked in six-sided rings before, but he's not a big fan of them.

"AAA uses the six-sided ring, Impact uses them as well. Minor differences, like the corners are a little more unstable," he said. "I don't think there is a major difference to the people who are watching the show, but to me, the six-sided ring seems a little bit unnecessary."

Morrison said his personal opinion is that the six-sided ring takes something away from the fan experience. He believes it takes some time to for fans to get used to it as opposed to a conventional wrestling ring, so sometimes fans aren't able to fully invest in the in-ring action.

"Best way to explain it is that wrestling should be an escapism; you shouldn't have to sit there and try to process a six-sided ring," Morrison said. "You have to get lost inside the characters, and if they are not, then something isn't working."

One of the few promotions Morrison hasn't worked for in his career is New Japan Pro Wrestling, which has allowed him to become a fan of the company. He said he would love the opportunity to perform in NJPW because he enjoys watching its style of wrestling. He finds that NJPW is a great alternative from the WWE because of the vast contrast in performance styles.

"It is really the coolest wrestling that exists right now; perhaps number 2 behind WWE. I would love to go over there and wrestle more. They have a roster full of characters," he said. "After watching them, after not watching them for a while, I felt captivated by the cast of characters that really felt like they knew what they were doing. They have a specific style that made it feel interesting to me. Every once in awhile you hit fire; whether it's the popularity of independent wrestling, or the sentiment that WWE has grown a little bit stale. It's the perfect alternative to me."

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Source: The Ross Report

Peter Bahi contributed to this article.


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