Edge And Christian On Rusev Being Over, Aiden English's Singing Gimmick

Recently on E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness, WWE legends Edge and Christian talked about the surging duo of WWE SmackDown Live's Rusev and Aiden English. During the podcast, Edge talked about Rusev's popularity; Christian discussed English's gimmick; also, Christian provided some creative ideas for Rusev.

Apparently, Edge tuned in to SmackDown recently and was surprised to find how over Rusev has gotten.

"Rusev, I have not been privy, I guess, to how over he has gotten himself," Edge said. "Yeah, he's doing this thing called Rusev Day and people are going nuts! Yeah, it's a thing. And Aiden English sings their promos and it's really entertaining stuff."

According to Christian, he gave English the idea to sing all of his promos. Although 'The Drama King' breaks into song during many of his promos, Christian suggested that English sing all the time.

"I liked [English] the few times I met him at the [WWE] Performance Center. And I just think it's hilarious and I think I told him this too, like, 'if you just sang all the time,'" Christian said. "He sings in his promos and I told him if he sang for everything like his entire life was a musical. Yeah, I guess in a roundabout way I am [saying I came up with English's gimmick]."

Additionally, Christian joked that he would love to give Rusev part of one of his old sayings.  

"I helped him with parts of it. Yeah, I have this moniker that I want to pass on to him. He could ask for 'one more machka,'" Christian continued, "if you think about it though, right, you have Rusev 'machka' and you could have a t-shirt and on the back it says, 'one more machka,' right? Yeah, he can thank me for that later."

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Source: E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness