Impact Wrestling Genesis Results (1/25): New Champion, Six Sides Of Steel, Knockouts Title Match

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- Josh Mathews and Jeremy Borash welcome us in and preview tonight's big matches including the main event Six Sides of Steel Impact Global Championship Match, Eli Drake vs. Johnny Impact vs. Alberto El Patron.

EC3 (c) vs. Matt Sydal (Impact Grand Championship)

Sydal takes it right to EC3, ends up taking him to the floor and beating him up a bit. Action back in the ring, Sydal continues to roll, EC3 grounded in the corner and gets double knees to the face, pin, two. EC3 finally gets going with plenty of offense of his own. EC3 gives Sydal the "choke" taunt that he's been doing for weeks as he launches him across the ring into the corner a couple times. EC3 trying to focus on Sydal's neck a bit.

Sydal able to get up and gets a kick in, but EC3 with a sit-down powerbomb. Crowd with a "choke" taunt. Sydal up kick to the head, standing moonsault, cover, only two. Sydal thrown into the corner, EC3 charges in, misses. Sydal jumps to the top rope, double knees down on his opponent, pin, two. Both wrestlers end up on the second rope, Sydal goes for maybe a hurricanrana, EC3 slips under him and trips Sydal, who has a nasty landing, catching his leg on the top rope on the way down.

Spin kick by Sydal, sending EC3 out to the floor, Sydal with a baseball slide variation, sending EC3 to the barricade. Sydal gets dropped on the floor, ref starts his count, Sydal gets back in. Hurricanrana by Sydal, big jumping knee to the mug. Sydal heads to the top rope and goes for a shooting star press, lands on his feet, but gets hip tossed into the corner. EC3 hits the one percenter. Sydal able to roll to the floor, EC3 does more weird choking taunts before bringing him back into the ring. EC3 heads to the top rope with Sydal on his shoulders, but he gets powerbombed down. Sydal up to the top rope and hits a shooting star press, pin, 1-2-3. New champion.

Winner: Matt Sydal via Pinfall to win the Impact Grand Championship

- Recap of the rivalry between Allie and Knockouts Champion Laurel Van Ness.

Laurel Van Ness (c) vs. Allie (Impact Knockouts Champion)

Feeling out process to kick things off, the two women work their way out to the floor with Allie getting the best of Laurel. Allie leaps off the steps and takes out the champion. Laurel is able to recover, big chop, Allie tries to charge in, Laurel dodges it and hits a big kick. Crowd booing pretty hard, Laurel taunts them as she drops a forearm to Allie's back.

As we come back from a break the action is back in the ring. Laurel looks to have Allie's number as she throws Allie into the top, middle, and bottom turnbuckles. She then curb stomps Allie's face into the bottom turnbuckle, pin, two. Laurel remains dominant, tries for another pin, only two. Laurel in the corner, finally gets in a strike, heads to the apron, Laurel cracks her and hits a second rope draping DDT, couple pin attempts, two each time.

Back and forth strikes from both women, double clotheslines bring the pace to a halt. Laurel charges in, misses, Allie with a running forearm, then another, but sliding through the ropes. Laurel ends up facing the turnbuckle, Allie dropkicks her face into the turnbuckle, ouch. Suplex into the turnbuckles by Allie, goes for the pin, only two. Allie is getting pumped up, goes to put Laurel up on her shoulders, nope. Unprettier and Codebreaker are reversed, Allie then able to hit the codebreaker, pin, two. Laurel kicks Allie's leg out from under her, big curb stomp! 1-2! No!

Unprettier attempt again, nope, superkick, Allie tries for another pin, but Laurel gets her foot up on the rope. Laurel elbows Allie mistakenly into the referee, Laurel able to grab her title and clock Allie while the ref was down. Pin and that will do it.

Winner: Laurel Van Ness via Pinfall to retain the Impact Knockouts Championship

- Lashley heads to the ring with Dan Lambert. We also see Moose getting ready for his match.

Lashley (with Dan Lambert and KM) vs. Moose

Lashley landing big strikes to get us started: elbows, forearms, and punches. Moose turns the tide and does some damage as KM and Lambert look on from ringside. Lashley grinds away at Moose, shoulder blocks in the corner. "Moose" chants come from the crowd as Moose chops away at Lashley. Moose with a nice jump up to the top rope and springboard crossbody, kip up!

KM then grabs Moose's foot, quick distraction allows for Lashley to drop Moose. Lashley heads to the floor and yells at KM for getting involved, he doesn't want any help in this contest! We head to break as Lambert holds Lashley back. Back from break, both guys in the ring, Lashley going for a couple pins to no avail. Moose tossed out and thrown into the barricade. Lashley taunts a bit to the crowd before ramming Moose's back into the apron. Lashley taking his time, not really pushing the pace as he continues to pick Moose apart.

Lashley tries to go to the second rope, Moose with a nice dropkick that sends Lashley to the floor. Moose follows, but gets kicked in the stomach and then thrown into the steel steps. KM still creeping around, but Lashley doesn't want him involved. Referee trying to get the two back in the ring. On the other side of the ring, KM attempts to slide a table in the ring, Lashley stops him and says no. Moose able to take advantage with some splashes in the corner and a running dropkick. Lashley up to the second rope, but Moose drivers Lashley down, pin, two. Lashley recovers, hits a hurricanrana, then a spear. Lashley goes for the pin, Moose able to put his foot on the rope before the three count. KM up on the apron, tells Lashley to use the table, Moose throws Lashley into KM. Moose with big lariat, pin, and that will do it.

Winner: Moose via Pinfall

- Post-match, Lambert rushes in to check on Lashley and Moose nearly gets his hands on Lambert. Lashley pulls Lambert away from trouble and Lambert starts yelling at Lashley for losing, "This is your fault!" KM tries to play peacemaker, but gets speared for his trouble. Lashley throws Lambert in the ring and he gets kicked in the face. Moose sets the table up in the corner, Lashley comes in and spears Lambert through the table. The injured ATT guy runs in and ends up getting crushed by both Moose and Lashley. Lashley shakes Moose's hand and does the "Moose" taunt as he heads up the ramp.

Ishimori (c) vs. Andrew Everett (Impact X Division Championship)

This match is coming to us from Tokyo, already in progress, so we'll be seeing highlights of it. Everett had troubles early on, but gets Ishimori down. He heads to the top and goes for a corkscrew leg drop and misses, ouch. Everett drops Ishimori again, pin, two. Referee checking on Ishimori who isn't really moving. Everett drags him near the corner, heads to the top rope and goes for a shooting star press, Ishimori with the knees up and then hits a huge lariat. Ishimori would eventually hit the 450 splash to pick up the victory.

Winner: Ishimori via Pinfall to retain the Impact X Division Championship

Eli Drake (c) with Chris Adonis vs. Johnny Impact vs. Alberto El Patron (Six Sides of Steel Impact Global Championship Match)

Jeremy Borash with the very official introductions, Drake does a victory lap around the ring with the title. Both Patron and Drake instantly stomp away at Johnny to get him out of the match early. The two of them toss Johnny head first into the cage as both Alberto and Drake start swinging away at each other. They both try climbing the cage, Drake gets knocked off, Alberto with a flying punch, Johnny back in now with a dropkick on Patron. Johnny throws both guys into the cage, monkey flips Drake into the cage.

Johnny gets taken down by Alberto who then hits a back cracker on Drake. Alberto then starts the climb up the cage, Johnny follows but gets a couple boots to the face. Johnny falls down into a tree of woe position, Alberto tries a double stomp, misses and goes down to the mat. Johnny stomps down on Alberto's back, Drake drops Johnny and everybody is down on the mat as we head to commercial.

Back from break everyone swinging away at everyone and Drake lands a double lowblow on his opponents, no DQ in this one. Drake with a side russian leg sweep on Alberto, body slam on Johnny. Drake tosses Johnny into the cage and steps on a grounded Alberto. Drake tries to throw Johnny in the cage against and he ends up walking the cage, bouncing back to the mat. Johnny then tosses Drake into the cage.

Johnny tries to climb out, but Alberto yanks him back down. Alberto throws Drake into the cage about 6 or 7 times, DDT, pin, Johnny breaks up the pin. Alberto now scales the wall, Johnny goes up with him. Again, Johnny falls down in a tree of woe position (really?), and Alberto hits the double stomp a second time. Drake caught in the cross arm breaker, but Johnny hits an elbow drop to stop that submission. All three wrestlers head up the cage, swinging away at each other. Johnny able to drop Alberto down. He kicks down Drake and could easily climb down to win the match, but the dummy ends up doing a crossbody down on both opponents, not going for a pin.

Drake hits gravy train on Alberto, but Johnny breaks up the pin. Drake tries to scale the cage, Johnny punches and kicks away to stop Drake. On the other side of the ring Alberto tries to sneak out the door, but pulls Alberto back in the ring. Drake is just kind of hung up on the top of the cage from Johnny's attack. Alberto has a clear road to run out the door, but Adonis throws it in Alberto's face to stop that. Drake making his way down, Johnny goes for the drop, but Adonis catches him! Drake falls to the floor to win the match and retain the title. Commentary saying Alberto and Johnny are now done challenging for Drake's title.

Winner: Eli Drake escapes the cage and retains the Impact Global Championship


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