Vince McMahon On $100 Million Not Being Enough For XFL, WWE No Longer Banned In City, Finn Balor

- As noted, a WWE live event in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada scheduled for February 9th was cancelled after the Edmonton City Council placed a 1 year moratorium on new permits or licenses for any combat sports, including WWE. The moratorium was put into an effect after former MMA fighter Tim Hague died after a boxing match in the city last June. The ban was lifted this week, although it is not known when WWE will return to the city.

"They are excited, as are we, to look at the schedule and identify a date in the calendar when WWE can happen at Rogers Place in Edmonton," Oilers Entertainment Group spokesperson Tim Shipton told CBC Radio in Canada. "We felt, in particular with WWE, that it was a distinct category of activity, and really falls more in sports entertainment than combative sport."

- The New York Times today published a story about the XFL revival, which includes comments that Vince McMahon made to them before today's announcement. During the interview, he discussed selling $100 million of his WWE stock to fund Alpha Entertainment, which will own the league.

"I am very committed to this, and it's going to take more than $100 million to do this league," McMahon said, although he did not specify how he planned to gain more capital for the project.

- Finn Balor trolled Vince McMahon's big XFL announcement earlier today while also managing to plug Sunday's Royal Rumble pay-per-view. He wrote:


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