Matt Hardy On Fan Reaction He's Been Getting And If #WOKEN Universe Will Expand

Matt Hardy was a recent guest on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast and he was in full #WOKEN persona. Hardy discussed what life is like now that he's adopted the gimmick.

After coming to terms with Anthem Sports and Entertainment Hardy became #WOKEN, an iteration of his widely-acclaimed #BROKEN gimmick he adopted in Impact Wrestling. Hardy said WWE fans of only seen the tip of the iceberg for what he can do.

"They haven't seen anything like it; they've only seen a sliver of what they are going to see," Hardy said. "One thing that is beneficial is that we do things in a very specific way because the #WOKEN Universe is such a vast, enormous concept."

Hardy's #BROKEN universe was vast concept in Impact that included a ton of promos and production outside the ring. So far, we haven't seen certain aspects like the Hardy family compound, Vanguard 1 or Senor Benjamin, but Hardy said it's likely his #WOKEN universe will expand soon.

"The people that do know the backstory before my condition was subdued at WrestleMania 33, before my condition started and the barriers of my mind were #BROKEN, you know everything that was involved in that universe," he said. "I think this universe will still come to be, but that there are so many WWE fans are younger children or are primarily WWE fans aren't aware of #WOKEN Matt Hardy and I think that is a great thing, and as time goes on you can add more and more to the flame and by then they will be able to digest it and understand it over time."

Hardy said he's enjoying the fan response he's been receiving. The gimmick is still over with fans participating in the "Delete!" chants, but obviously they will need more in order to stay invested. Still, Hardy is satisfied with how things are going so far and he wants everyone to know that he didn't undergo a breakdown, but rather an evolution.

"I am very happy at the amount of fans that do know the backstory of my past, and those that do not I am happy and excited at how they are slowly learning and coming around, and learning and actually embracing it," he said. "For a minute there, that obsolete mule Michael Cole thought I was having a breakdown; I wasn't crazy or having a breakdown, I was actually becoming more of a vessel, more of just a human being. You know that with my backstory, and some of the things that I have done that is absolutely the case."

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Source: Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast

Peter Bahi contributed to this article.


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