Rockstar Spud In Philly (Photo), Boston Red Sox To Hold WWE Night, Sasha Banks (Video)

- Above is a recap of WWE invading New York City this past Monday for their RAW 25 show. The video includes clips Sasha Banks signing autographs, along with New Day, Triple H, and Stephanie McMahon on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and more.

- The Boston Red Sox are planning a WWE Night on Wednesday, July 11 when they face the Texas Rangers. A special ticket will be sold on that night and fans will receive a WWE themed Bobblehead for going to the game.

- Apparently, Rockstar Spud is in Philadelphia after posting this photo of the Benjamin Franklin bridge (h/t Catch Au Quotidien) and writing "I appreciate this bridge." As noted, Rockstar Spud has signed with WWE and is expected to join 205 Live at some point down the road.

Catch Au Quotidien contributed to this article.


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