Goldberg Talks Being Honored By WWE HOF Induction, The One Negative About It, His Inductor Being Set

As previously noted, former WWE Universal Champion Goldberg was recently a guest on Heated Conversations: Hosted By Booker T. Among other things, Goldberg discussed his upcoming induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame, whether he thought he would ever receive that accolade, what his speech will be like, the downside of being inducted, and whether his inductor is already lined up. Also, Goldberg talked about what he prided himself most on in his pro wrestling odyssey.

With respect to being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame, Goldberg said it is an honor that he never thought he would receive.

"I'm living the life, quite obviously." Goldberg acknowledged, "I'm honored and privileged to be inducted such as [Booker], man, in the past. I mean, it's an honor, dude. And I never thought it would happen." 

Goldberg, the WCW flag bearer in many ways, elaborated on thinking he would never be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

"Hell no! I mean, let's be perfectly, honest, man. [Booker] asked it. [Booker] could've answered it." Goldberg continued, "yeah, I think it's a shock to a lot of people, but I think by Brock [Lesnar] making them bring me back and by them giving me the opportunity, I maybe showed a little bit of something worthy of an accolade of some sort. I don't know, man!" 

Goldberg stated that he always prided himself on giving "110%" effort.  

"I'm honored and privileged," Goldberg added, "I always feel as though I'm underserved of the honor, but, I mean, I always like to say is that no matter what I did, whether it was correctly guided or misguided, I always gave 110% and that's what I've always prided myself on. And I may not have gotten the best direction at times and I may have clammed up and tried to protect myself, for my character, because of all the outside stuff surrounding things at times, but I always had everybody's best interest at heart and the business at heart. I felt as though if i did well as a character, then we'd all do well. I mean, it's a team effort, and I couldn't have done it with everyone's help along the way." 

When asked what his WWE Hall Of Fame speech will be like, Goldberg joked that it will be like a longer promo for him.

"Hell, I don't know [how to feel about the induction], man. It's just going to be a longer promo for me! I mean, it's going to be awesome."

Goldberg went on to say that the only downside of being inducted is that it reminds him of his own mortality.

"The only negative to it is that it kind of makes you feel mortal. That's all. Like there's an end to something and I don't ever like there to be an end to anything. And as long as I've got two feet and I'm walking around, and I can kick and punch with my hands, there's always a possibility of me headbutting somebody and sleeping." 

Goldberg acknowledged that many people have been involved in getting him over and his induction is a celebration of the journey he took with everyone.  

"I'm so appreciative of so many people that got me there," Goldberg professed. "The fact is, it ain't me. We're not celebrating me. We're celebrating a journey I took and I couldn't have done it without guys like [Booker], so it's a celebration of everybody, man. And the journey that I got was not something that I could have done alone. I needed so many people's help with every step of it. I feel so appreciative of everybody, man." 

Although he did not divulged who would be inducting him into the WWE Hall Of Fame, Goldberg indicated that he has thought about who he would like to induct him and it is already a done deal.  

"Oh yeah, that [has] already been solidified. Yeah." 

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Source: Heated Conversations: Hosted By Booker T