Daniel Bryan Announces WWE SmackDown List Voted On By Blue Brand Stars

As seen above, SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan has announced a new SmackDown Top 10 List that will be voted on by the blue brand Superstars. It looks like the first list will be released soon after they vote this week, presumably on tonight's SmackDown episode.

Bryan says criteria for voting will include most talented, locker room leadership and who has the most athletic skill on the roster. Bryan says the most important rule is simple - he and SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon will not have a vote. Bryan says this is not about them, it's about the SmackDown locker room having a voice. Bryan says SmackDown Superstars will not be able to vote for themselves.

Bryan also says the list will be used by he and Shane when determining matches & other parts of the show. Bryan says he cannot wait to get started, then ends the video with a "yes!" chant.

Bryan wrote with the video above, "Officially introducing the #SmackdownTop10. A vote BY the Superstars, FOR the betterment of #SDLive and the enjoyment of the @WWE Universe. #YesYesYes"


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