Sasha Banks Talks Backstage Politics Being One Of The Hardest Realities Of WWE

As noted, Sasha Banks appeared on the latest episode of Hot Ones where she battles the wings of death alongside host Sean Evans. New episodes of "Hot Ones" launch Thursdays at 11 a.m. ET on First We Feast's YouTube channel. You can watch the episode in the video above, they sent us these highlights:

The harsh realities of WWE:

"I feel at ease when I'm in that square circle. The hardest reality is knowing that it's a lot of politics, a lot of grueling grueling traveling, which I didn't realize how hard that would be."

Being first cousins with Snoop Dogg & finding her nickname:

"When I was around him, his bodyguards would always call him 'boss', and I was like, 'That's kind of catchy. That's a good little nickname.' So I was like, 'Sasha Banks the Boss,' and then it turned to 'The Legit Boss.'

"Any time he was with the WWE, I would call him and be like, 'Please take me with you. I love this. Please, please, please.' And I remember going with him at 2008, and he was doing rehearsals with the Divas at the time, and he was walking down the ramp. And I was following him behind like this, and I was walking down the WrestleMania ramp. I was 16 at the time and 25 doing it this year. Dreams really do come true."

How she recovers after long matches:

"Lots of wine. I love drinking wine after a match. It makes me really calm and relaxed."

Her love for Boston:

"I was in Boston when they won the Bruins championship. The whole town just came out of these restaurants and just went to the streets and started rallying?It was so crazy. That's why I love Boston so much. Any time I go out in Boston and they say, 'From Boston, Massachusetts?' the crowd just erupts.

"I remember in my Hell in a Cell match with Charlotte, I lost it, and they were just dead silent. They couldn't believe it. I thought they were going to start a riot. I'm like, 'That's Boston fans for you.'"