WWE 205 Live Results (2/13): Cruiserweight Tournament Continues, Drew Gulak Vs. Tony Nese

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Tonight the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament continues with more first-round matches. Drew Gulak will take Tony Nese while Akira Tozawa will face the high-flying Mark Andrews.

- Recap of last week's matches where Kalisto defeated Lince Dorado and Roderick Strong took down Hideo Itami to move on in the Cruiserweight Championship.

- Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinnes welcome us in as they preview tonight's matches: Gulak vs. Nese, along with Tozawa vs. Andrews.

Akira Tozawa vs. Mark Andrews (First Round Tournament Match)

Backstage, Dasha Fuentes talks with Mark Andrews and asks what it's like to come from the UK for this opportunity. Andrews says he's excited and people all around the world are talking about this tournament. He's confident about heading to WrestleMania 34. Match gets rolling with some "Ah!" chants. Andrews focusing on Tozawa's leg trying to keep him grounded as we cut to 205 Live GM Drake Maverick looking on from the back. Andrews trying to stretch out Tozawa, crowd pretty quiet thus far.

Andrews with a dropkick to the face, pin, two. Back and forth chops to the chest with Tozawa landing a right jab to the jaw to stop that exchange. Standing senton lands clean on Andrews, pin, two. Tozawa gains control of the match, working away on Andrews, lots of submission early on between these two. Tozawa tries to tosses Andrews out, he whips around using the ropes and kicks Tozawa and springboard crossbody back into the ring, pin, two. Tozawa recovers and nails a shining wizard. Tozawa goes up top, Andrews rolls out to the floor, Tozawa immediately follows with a suicide dive with a somewhat sketchy landing. Action back in the ring, Tozawa heads to the top again, Andrews forces him off the top, running knee, northern lights suplex, standing corkscrew senton, pin, two-count.

Multiple forearms to Andrews, but a kick to the stomach stops that, Andrews tries for a tornado DDT, nope, Andrews then hits a nice modified stunner, pin, two. Tozawa is put on the top ropes, Andrews heads up with him and tries for a hurricanrana, Tozawa halts that, goes for a super powerbomb, Andrews reverse it with a nice hurricanrana, pin, two! Andrews goes up top, tries for a shooting star press and rolls through. Tozawa with a kick, tries for a submission but Andrews uses his momentum for the pin and gets the win!

Winner: Mark Andrews via Pinfall (Advances to the next round)

- Backstage, Dasha Fuentes talks with Jack Gallagher who will face Mustafa Ali next week. Drake Maverick shows up and says his suit and tie is not proper wrestling attire. Maverick says Jack needs to sort himself out and come back next week with proper gear on.

- Also next week it will be Buddy Murphy vs. Ariya Daivari.

- We see a vignette for Buddy Murphy who talks about how he lost the tag title and had to work himself back up from the bottom. Murphy says he had to work hard to get below 205 lbs.

- Backstage, Drew Gulak is getting ready for his match against Nese and he's looking super serious. Nese is also getting prepped as he check himself out in the mirror.

Drew Gulak vs. Tony Nese (First Round Tournament Match)

Gulak tries for a handshake and Nese kicks his hand away. Collar and elbow tie up and Nese immediately throws Gulak down to the match. Gulak works Nese's neck, lot of mat work to start things off. Crowd is dead quiet at this point. Nese with a flurry attacks, sweep kick, pin, two. Action on the floor, Gulak with a suplex slamming Nese hard on the floor. Ref starts a ten count and gets to nine before Nese gets in the ring. Gulak with the quick pin, two.

Nese with some more strikes, spinning kick drops Gulak for a moment. Jumping clothesline puts him right back down, pin, two. Crowd give mild reactions to Nese's attacks. Nese tries for pump-handle, nope, off the ropes and he just throws Gulak to the mat, pin, two. Gulak with a dropkick. Joseph losing his mind that Gulak actually left his feet. Gulak drops Nese again, pin, two-count. Nese charges in, Gulak grabs him by the beard and start slapping away at Nese in the face. Gulak with a high elevation suplex with a bridge, kick out at 2.

Body scissors applied by Gulak, Nese tries to get the ropes, nope. Nese lifts Gulak up and over the ropes to get a rope break. Nese with a sweep kick to send Gulak to the floor and then hits a fosbury flop! Nese throws him back in, goes to the top front flip misses hart. Gulak tries for a dragon sleeper, Nese gets away though and drives Gulak to the mat, pin, two. Gulak tries for an armbar, Tony dead-lifts Gulak and launches him into the turnbuckle. Nese tries for the running knees in the corner, Gulak rolls out to the floor. Nese follows and gets him back in the ring.

Gulak knocks Nese off the apron and he crashes into the announce table. Ref checking on Nese. Gulak goes back out and throws him into the announce table twice. Back into the ring, Gulak with a big clothesline that flips Nese and hits a double powerbomb! He finally locks in a dragon sleeper, Nese is out, and the ref stops the match. Gulak was super aggressive towards the end of that one.

Winner: Drew Gulak via Referee Stoppage

- Post-match, Gulak goes to the title, holds it up, and yells "This is mine!"


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