Taz Feels That WWE RAW Segment With Ronda Rousey 'Made Her Look Bad'

At Elimination Chamber, Ronda Rousey made her scheduled appearance to officially sign her contract and become a member of the WWE roster. Rousey thanked the fans and note that "Rowdy" Roddy Piper is her idol and inspired her to love the business. Before she signed the contract, Rousey noticed some rumblings going on between Triple H and Kurt Angle at the end of the table. This led to Angle stating that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon wanted to manipulate her to sign a contract so they can own her. The segment closed with Rousey suplexing Triple H and getting slapped by Stephanie McMahon, before signing her contract and throwing it on Triple H.

On Raw, Stephanie McMahon demanded an apology from Kurt Angle. Rousey came out instead and made a beeline to the ring, before getting interrupted by Angle. Angle apologized to Stephanie, but Rousey wanted an apology from Stephanie. Stephanie walked up to her and apologized, but Triple H sucker punched Angle before they left.

One person who adamantly disapproved this series of events was Taz, and he expressed it on his latest Taz and the Moose radio show.

Taz feels that Rousey is the most credible female performer/competitor from the fighting world who has entered the WWE landscape. However, the way that WWE showed her on Raw was quite the opposite.

"They take the most credible female they have in the history of the WWE, and second impression of her, and they made her look bad already," said Taz. The former ECW Champion and WWE Tag Team Champion felt that WWE should have taken a different approach with Rousey.

"She should have went after Stephanie like she wanted to kill her," Taz expressed. "I'm talking about legitimate police officers there holding her back, two or three or them, something. A couple of the boys, somebody. Someone needed to stop her and [keep her away]. Stephanie should have been terrified of her. Absolutely freakin terrified of her. But instead, Stephanie got in her face and apologized. When the girl, Ronda, demanded an apology, Stephanie had to get the upper hand and look down at her and say, (whines) 'I'm sorry.' That sucked! That sucked. Build the girl and get her over. She's legit! She's legit. What [WWE] did, sucked. Sucked!"

Taz also felt the same about Kurt Angle apologizing to Stephanie.

"The Kurt Angle thing, that sucked," said Taz. "Having Kurt be like, 'Oh, well. I lied.' That sucked! Not Kurt's fault. It sucked! And you know what, don't put me in your Hall of Fame. I don't give a s**t. I'm telling you right now, it sucked."

Taz added that WWE needs to treat Ronda Rousey "like the killer that she is." Moreover, Rousey should have put Stephanie in an armbar that could only be removed by Triple H. He also feels that WWE booked themselves in a corner with the WrestleMania 31 segment with the Rock. He stated that Stephanie is not a good worker, and she "is not tough." She should not have got in Rousey's face to show that she is taller than her, because it makes Rousey look bad and they have a lot of money invested in her."

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Source: Taz and The Moose