Rey Mysterio On Possible WWE Return, Who He'd Like To Work, Future Stars, Royal Rumble Surprise

Recently on E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness, Edge and Christian caught up with fellow former world champion Rey Mysterio, Jr., which took place before his injury last Friday. Among many other things, Mysterio discussed his surprise appearance at WWE Royal Rumble (2018), a possible return to WWE, who he would like to work in WWE, and future talents to watch.

On the subject of Mysterio's Royal Rumble return, 'The Master Of The 619' said only a few people knew and that he was locked in a bus with Hurricane Helms before the show. Moreover, Mysterio acknowledged that this Rumble reception was one of his favorite moments in his illustrious pro wrestling career.  

"[WWE] tried to keep it a secret and I'm sure only the people that had to know knew about it, but it came down to a point where Hurricane and myself were on a bus. The next thing you know, we were told that we were okay to walk in there and put whatever we need to put together, so we walk in there probably a good hour before the actual show started and the Rumble was one of the first segments of the pay-per-view, so some of the guys were able to catch drift and say, 'hi'. Other guys were busy running around I didn't get a chance to see until we were in the ring, so it was without a doubt one of the best feelings that I've had in my career, especially because I've been gone almost three years." Mysterio continued, "I definitely wanted for the fans to see something different, something retro, and, at the same time, take care of my nutrition. I've been working out, which, at the end of the day, it helps me out as I get older not put a lot of stress on my knees and just overall feeling good. I think when that call came in and I eventually showed up, and I walked out, man, it was definitely breathtaking to just hear the ovation. My adrenaline didn't stop probably till I got back to my hotel room, which was in [New] Jersey. Yeah, it was incredible."

During the conversation, Mysterio openly talked about his desire to return to WWE. Mysterio indicated that he is looking forward to negotiating a new deal with the company and coming up with some creative plans.

"Right now, it's just a matter of if there is an interest, I really think there is on both ends, as much as from WWE and myself, to eventually go back and do some work with them. I would love to eventually sit down and see if we can come up with a gameplan. I don't see why that couldn't happen, so I'm up for it and looking forward to it, to actually sit down and [converse] about some potential work with the company." Mysterio added, "I'm excited to be able to sit down and come up with a gameplan. And hopefully that will happen."

Mysterio named current WWE Champion AJ Styles, inaugural Universal Champion Finn Bálor, and the pro wrestling prodigy Ricochet as dream opponents in WWE.

"AJ being one of them, definitely on a big stage, I would love to eventually go at it with AJ." Mysterio considered, "Finn, Finn Bálor, I would love to be able to step into the ring with him and go at it. I'm a big fan of, I say this with a lot of respect, I'm a big fan of Ricochet and I know that he just got signed."

Mysterio went on to put over the former Prince Puma as quite possibly the best pro wrestler in the world today.  

"When I had a chance to work him for the first time at [Lucha] Underground, and I really didn't know his story, how myself, The Rock, and Eddie [Guerrero] were three of his big inspirations to be a part of this business. I had the match with him and it was one of the most memorable matches that I've had after leaving WWE. He spoke straight and direct to me. He goes, 'man, you've been one of my idols. I've looked up to you since I can remember. You are why I'm here doing this now.' And now that he got signed by WWE, he is a multi-talented dude, man. He is, I consider one of the best out there right now." Mysterio elaborated, "he surprised me very much when I was able to work with him. I had a chance to work with him two or three times and every time we stepped in the ring, it was always magic. Magic every single time, so I can't wait to see his career move forward with WWE because I know he has a big future ahead of him."

Mysterio also put over Fénix and Pentagón as future stars of pro wrestling, in addition to Will Ospreay.

"I just think [Ospreay] is on another level, man." Mysterio professed, "I sit back and watch wrestling now and how it [has] evolved, especially the highflying style, and there's just no way in a million years that I could even try to pull out one of the moves that they're doing now. Back then, it was one flip. Now, it's two flips, three flips, two corkscrews in the air. It's just amazing. I'm amazed at how it [has] evolved and how it's going to keep evolving. I can't even imagine what it's going to look like five, 10 years from now. But another one of the future talents that has been working for Mexico for quite some time is Fénix, Rey Fénix. Him and Pentagón are brothers. They're both incredible. Obviously, Pentagón [has] got more of the heelish style of wrestling, but Fénix, when I see Fénix, there is something there that reflects how I was and how I grew up in the sport. He's very creative with his style and he's very unique with what he does, so I think there's a big future ahead of him as well."

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Source: E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness