LaBar: Daniel Bryan Return Doesn't Need Any World Title

The McMahon's are the first family of WWE. If there's a second family it's the one featuring John Cena, Nikki Bella, Mama Bella, John Laurinaitis, Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan.

Having any member of the second family cut ties with WWE isn't ideal. It's inevitably what would have happened when Bryan's contract expires later this year if he still wasn't medically cleared by WWE to wrestle.

He's determined to wrestle again and he will for WWE, reportedly at this year's WrestleMania. The same show and city, New Orleans, where his career-defining night took place in 2014.

Getting cleared by WWE doctors resulted in a positive public relations move. Bryan is well liked and trusted. He gives off the ultimate good guy, with a trusting vibe. When he gave a heartfelt speech of happiness fighting back tears last week on SmackDown and praised how great WWE's medical team is -- that goes a long way.

It's been two years since he wrestled and Daniel Bryan still gets one of the loudest reactions when his music hits. Him returning to the active roster is a significant boost for WWE all around. New options for creative, fresh match possibilities of opponents and merchandise. Assuming he stays on SmackDown, the needle will certainly move for the blue brand.

One thing, however, is that fans seem to be convinced in their early fantasy booking that Bryan should jump to the top of the card in the world title picture. I disagree with the logic of putting him in the WWE Championship conversation in these next few weeks.

Putting a title on a Superstar is an investment. The last two times WWE put a title on Bryan, the title had to be vacated a month later due to his injuries. While Bryan's popularity and in-ring skills would deem worthy to be a top contender for the title, business wise it doesn't make sense.

It doesn't make sense to run the risk until Bryan's durability and health is proven. It also doesn't make sense because Bryan doesn't need any title right now. Any match he has over these next few months will have heightened importance because he's been out of action for so long.

A Bryan match with no title involved will be just as interesting, if not more so, than any title match also on the card that night.

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