NJPW Strong Style Evolved Results: Kenny Omega And Kota Ibushi Vs. The Young Bucks, IWGP Title

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- Jim Ross and Josh Barnett welcome us in to tonight's show as we see a recap of NJPW's last US show where Kenny Omega became the first IWGP US Championship.

Roppongi 3K (SOH and YOH) and Rocky Romero vs. Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky

Scorpio and Romero start us off, Scorpio acting like Romero is pulling his non-existent ant hair for a nice laugh. Roll through cutter by Scorpio. YOH and Kazarian in, shoulder tackle by Kazarian, kip up by YOH. SHO then tagged in, drop toe hold into a sliding kick. Double dropkicks on Daniels who immediately heads out to the floor. Kazarian with an eye rake and takes in Scorpio. Dropkick by SHO and brings in YOH as the crowd chants "Roppongi!" Suplex by YOH, cover, two. Kazarian with a disaster kick attempted, slipped off, and tagged in Daniels.

Kazarian looks to be holding his knee at that one, but he's brought right back in, hits a leg drop, Scorpio with a double stomp on YOH's back. Kazarian still shaking out his knee, ref distracted despite Romero being tagged in. YOH gets draped over the top rope, kick to the face. Daniels with a no-handed springboard moonsault out to the floor! Scorpio goes from the apron into the ring and hits another cutter on YOH, cover, two.

Romero finally tagged in springboard crossbody, double frankensteiner. Romero goes corner to corner with multiple clotheslines. All six men in the ring now, SHO and YOH dumped out to the floor. Scorpio Sky flips to the outside! Kazarian nearly gets a three on Romero, but it's broken up. Scorpio tries for another cutter and mistakenly hits it on his own partner. SHO with multiple german suplexes on Scorpio, double jumping knees by Roppongi 3k on Scorpio, cover, two. 3K hits cleanly, cover, and that will do it.

Winners: Roppongi 3k and Rocky Romero via Pinfall

Gedo and Hirooki Goto vs. Juice Robinson and David Finlay

Robinson testing his strength with some shoulder tackles, but no luck early on, but pops him with a running forearm to put Goto down. Double clotheslines stun each guy. Looks like Goto's mouth is already busted open. Finlay runs in and gets suplexed onto his own partner. Gedo in goes to work on Robinson. Toys with him a bit allowing him to get somewhat close to tagging in his partner. Gedo working over Robinson's eye as the ref was slightly distracted.

Robinson gets something going with a number of punches, eye pokes from both Gedo and Robinson. Finlay in now, forearms to Goto, flying elbow takes down Goto. Finlay goes corner to corner with running uppercuts. Flying european uppercut, pin, two. Robinson up and over the top rope and takes out Goto on the floor. Finlay hits a stunner on Gedo, 1-2-3.

Winners: David Finlay and Juice Robinson via Pinfall

Chuckie T and Toru Yano vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Lance Archer

Lance Archer doing his usual soak the entire front row with water. Archer and Smith go right after Yano and Chuckie, crowd boos. Smith and Chuckie get us started in the ring. Big german suplex by Smith, then big boots Yano down to the floor. Yano is quite over with the crowd tonight. Chuckie tries for a powerbomb, gets back body dropped by Archer, big clothesline. Archer heads up to the top rope and walks almost all the way across before dropping down on Chuckie's arm.

High angle boston crab on Chukie, elbow drop on his back. Archer charges Yano who backs off and wanders over to the walkway as his partner gets destroyed in the ring. Chuckie with a nice counter to get away from Archer and Smith, in comes Yano to a big applause. Archer throws him into the ropes, but Yano stays and taunts his opponent. He then smacks Archer on the head. "Sorry!" Yano tries for a low blow, nope. Tries for atomic drop, but doesn't land it. Yano hides in the ropes again and Archer runs him over. Crowd boos hard at that.

Yano drops Archer to the floor, dodges Smith who runs into his own partner, Chuckie flips on them. Yano acts like he's flying out, but undoes one of the turnbuckle pads. Crowd is loving Yano. Chuckie in and finally hits a piledriver on Archer, cover, Smith breaks up the pin. Archer runs down Chuckie, chokeslam, cover, 2. Chuckie able to get a sneaky roll-up, that was a super close three. Killer Bomb finally lands and that will end this one.

Winners: Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Lance Archer via Pinfall

Cody Rhodes and Marty Scurll vs. Guerrillas of Destiny

Before the match, Cody on the mic talking Bullet Club, says Guerrillas of Destiny were wrestlers that got Bullet Club going, but it's Superstars like him that make the group as popular as they are now. "F--- you, Cody!" chant from the crowd. Lots of sarcasm in that promo, doesn't sound like he wants to fight fellow Bullet Club members. Cody also rocking a weight lifting belt a la "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan. Tonga Loa on the mic and says they are having a match for the fans and if they are on a team, it's definitely not "Team Cody." Cody ends up getting tossed out to the floor and Scurll starts acting like he's teamed up with Loa and Tonga, really hamming it up. He turns around and gets blasted to the mat. Scurll runs off and jumps in Cody's arms.

Cody rolls out of a charging Tonga, but as he gets up Tonga is already hitting a splash on him. Cody out to be with Brandi who gets between Tonga and her husband long enough for Scurll to come over and hit a kick on Tonga. Scurll plants Tonga's hand to the mat and stomps on it twice. Cody with a stalled vertical facebuster and does a couple push-ups until Tonga smacks him in the head. Scurll tagged in, cheap shot on Loa. Scurll calls for crossface chickenwing, but Cody tags himself in, tries for the crossroads but gets a swinging neckbreak. Cody slaps away at Loa which doesn't hurt him at all.

Disaster kick by Cody on Loa, heads up to the top rope, Tonga with a running forearm, climbs up, superplex, goes to the top, but Scurll stops him and hits a superplex of his own. Both opponents out on the floor, Cody mocking Omega's taunt, looks to fly, but gets speared by Loa, cover, broken up by Scurll. Scurll dumped in the corner, Tonga with a big splash. Cody hits crossroads after throwing his opponents into each other, 1-2-3.

Winners: Cody and Marty Scurll via Pinfall

Hiroshi Tanahashi, KUSHIDA, Dragon Lee, and Rysuke Taguchi vs. SANADA, Tetsuya Naito, BUSHI, and Hiromu Takahashi

Naito and Tanahashi start us off with SANADA getting in the cheap shot from behind. Naito spits in Tanahashi's face, Tanahashi takes down both Naito and SANADA. Dragon Lee tagged in as does his long standing rival, Takahashi. Back and forth chops from both wrestlers, over and over! Head scissors try, Lee flips out of it, suplex by Lee who then flips to the outside, taking down his opponent.

BUSHI goes to work on KUSHIDA, but soon tags in SANADA who gets in the paradise lock with a low dropkick. BUSHI back in, chokes KUSHIDA with the shirt before the ref finally notices. KUSHIDA with a "F-- you!" and dropkick to BUSHI's mug. SANADA with a back elbow, neither team has really taken over in this one. Tanahashi takes out the other side, second rope crossbody on SANADA. Hits double dragon screws on Takahashi and BUSHI. SANADA locks in the dragon sleeper and Tanahashi reverses it for a moment.

Naito and Taguchi in the ring now, Taguchi getting the best of his opponent early on. Gets an ankle lock in until SANADA hits a dragon sleeper. Tanahashi slingblad. BUSHI codebreaker. KUSHIDA stiff punch, he's down, Lee and Takahashi going at it and Lee gets sent flying into the turnbuckle. Naito hits destino on Taguchi and it's all over.

Winners: SANADA, Tetsuya Naito, BUSHI, and Hiromu Takahashi via Pinfall

- Rey Mysterio makes an appearance despite not being able to wrestle due to injury tonight. He heads into the ring. Mysterio says when he can he will be back and wrestle in New Japan. He makes his way to a front row seat to check out the next match.

Jushin Thunder Liger vs. Will Ospreay

Liger getting in some submissions early on, but Ospreay uses his agility to get back into this one. Liger with a handspring elbow to send Ospreay to the floor, Liger with a cannonball off the apron and follows that with a brainbuster out on the floor! The referee begins his 20-count with Ospreay looking pretty dazed, but he ends up making it back in at the 19 and 1/2 count.

Ospreay with a flurry of attacks ending with a sasuke special. Ospreay may have jammed his leg as he continues to shake it out, ends up using one-leg to springboard in and then with a running moonsault. Liger ends up on the ropes and Ospreay tries for a 619, crowd boos a bit at his mocking of the move. Liger ends up dodging end, but does not dodge a spanish fly, cover, two.

Avalanche brainbuster on Ospreay! Liger has hit a number of those so far in this one. Cover, Ospreay gets a foot on the rope. Liger with another big move, cover, another two. Liger smacks the mat in frustration as he thought he had it that time. Ospreay sitdown powerbomb, cover, two. Ospreay with a couple head kicks, oscutter hits! 1-2-3.

Winner: Will Ospreay via Pinfall

- Post-match, Ospreay on the mic, says that was jr. heavyweight wrestling at it's best and would be so proud if he wrestles as good as Liger does at 53. He then thanks Liger for what he's done past and present. Crowd with a "Liger!" chant. Ospreay says to carve out his legacy, he has to go through legends. He looks at Mysterio and says he is nobody's replacement. He wants to put the title on a new level so how about Ospreay vs. Mysterio. As Ospreay talks to Mysterio in comes Marty Scurll and smacks him over the back with his umbrella. Mysterio comes in, Scurll yanks his mask off and Mysterio instantly covers up his face. Scurll puts the mask on the top of his head and Liger ends up chasing him off. Liger and Mysterio shake hands in the ring.

Kazuchika Okada and Tomohiro Ishii vs. Zack Sabre Jr. and Minoru Suzuki

Okada and Sabre starting things out, Sabre Jr. able to escape from Okada fairly easily on two occasions. Okada finally gets the best of Sabre Jr. and both men tag out. Crowd pops nicely for Ishii and Suzuki, back and forth forearms. Suzuki locks Ishii in the ropes, Sabre Jr. with a cheap shot on Okada and puts him in an octopus stretch on the floor. Suzuki smacks Ishii with a chair and sends his opponent into the crowd. Suzuki with a bottle of water over Ishii's head and then chops Okada before heading back into the ring. Ishii with a bunch of chops as Suzuki just laughs and returns fire with one hard shot. Sabre Jr. back in with a fujiwara armbar, Okada gets the ref's attention and Suzuki jumps in as they pull off a number of submissions on all of Ishii's limbs.

"F--- you Sabre!" chant breaks out as he flips the crowd the middle finger. Suzuki heads back in, charges Okada on the apron and kicks him off. Suzuki with a heel hook on Ishii, but he gets to the bottom rope. Sabre gets in and antagonizes Ishii with some weak kicks, he ends up getting a delayed belly-to-back suplex for his smugness. Okada gets tagged in, smacks Suzuki off the apron and hits a reverse elbow on Sabre Jr. DDT lands, cover, two-count.

Okada tries for a back body drop, but Sabre Jr. locks in a figure-four around Okada's neck, he's able to get to the rope. Okada tries for a tombstone, it's reversed, Sabre starts really working Okada's shoulders, but Ishii breaks that up. Crowd seems to be split on Sabre Jr. as Okada tries for a cobra clutch. Okada nearly hits rainmaker, but it's reversed and in comes Suzuki. Ishii makes his way in, multiple chops and forearms in the corner. More back and forth forearms in the middle of the ring. Crowd quiets down as Suzuki hits a nasty forearm to the face. Ishii gets the same treatment. Suzuki one more time, which sends Ishii to the ropes, but he doesn't go down. Suzuki with another that looks to send Ishii on dream street.

Standing vertical suplex by Ishii, knee lift by Suzuki and in comes Sabre Jr. who immediately drops Okada off the apron. Sabre Jr. with some more weak taps to Ishii's head. Double kicks to Ishii, cover, Okada break up the count. Ishii with a nasty headbutt that puts Sabre Jr. to the mat. Okada hits his dropkick on Sabre Jr. Cross armbreaker with a leg trap submission on Ishii while Suzuki keeps Okada at bay with his own submission. Ishii is really in the middle of nowhere and Ishii verbally tapped.

Winners: Zack Sabre Jr. and Minoru Suzuki via Submission

- Post-match, Okada is put into a submission by Sabre. Jr to get some heavy boos. The ref gets it too for a few moments.

Jay White (c) vs. Adam Page (IWGP US Championship)

Crowd with a "Red shoes!" chant before the match starts. Lot of back and forth action to get things started. Page with a neckbreaker on the apron and throws White into the barricade. Page with a fireman's carry and tosses White into the ring post. Page with a nice deadlift german suplex holds the bridge, two-count. Kicks to White's back, "Show me something Jay!" Page yells as he's really built some momentum over the last few moments. Until White hits a snap suplex to drop the challenger.

White with some chops, forearm to the face, suplexes, and launches Page into the corner. White with a suplex into the corner, cover, two. White with a low german suplex into the bridge, two. Page wants to springboard into the ring and White keeps stumbling towards him and messes up what he wants to try. White finally lunges and smacks Page down. Page is intertwined in the rope and is taking some big chops to the chest. White face first to the apron, and goes for a release suplex that basically sends Page to the floor where he sort of clips the apron and nearly lands on his feet.

White brings Page up to the top rope and looks to hit a german suplex off the top rope. Page fights back and gets turned around. Both standing on the top rope and super neckbreaker on White! Cover, two. Crowd popping for these big moves, but overall are pretty quiet for this one.

Both men up, White ends up suplexing Page all the way to the floor. White comes out and hits another suplex on the floor. Action back in the ring, Page with a piledriver, cover, two. White tries to bail to the floor and Page clears him out with a shooting star press to the floor. Moonsault to the floor by Page! White back in the ring, buckshot lariat by Page. White is able to recover, lands the Kiwi Krucher, cover, two. Page with a superkick, discus lariat, White counters rite of passage into bladerunner, 1-2-3.

Winner: Jay White via Pinfall to retain the IWGP US Championship

- Post-match, David Finlay attacks Jay White immediately after the match with a spear. He gets the mic and says he told White he'd never be done fighting him and on April 24 he's challenging him to a match.

Golden Lovers (Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi) vs. The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson)

Nick and Matt Jackson wearing one of those weightlifting belts, much like Cody did earlier. Matt starting with Ibushi, but Matt wants Kenny. Omega tries to talk some sense into him, the two jaw back and forth, Matt ends up giving Ibushi a cheap shot and then tags out (lol). Ibushi and Nick get things start now. Nick trying to catch Ibushi but doesn't have much luck thus far. Kick sends Nick out and Matt in. Ibushi immediately kicks Matt in the back and he falls to the matt. Ibushi stomps away and Omega comes in to stop him. Matt ends up shoving Omega to the mat. Omega sent to the floor, swinging neckbreaker on to the knee to Ibushi. Omega sends Nick into Matt who was dangling over the top rope.

Omega charges up and looks to fly, but superkick by Nick stops that! Nick hops to the top rope and flips down to the Golden Lovers. Matt brings out a table and Nick tries to talk Matt out of going that far. Nick and Ibushi in the ring as Nick drives his opponent into the corner. Hangman neckbreaker/senton combo by The Young Bucks. Nick ends up getting bumped down to the floor, Ibushi hops to the top rope and drops down on him. Ibushi trying to tag out, Matt runs off and pulls Omega off the apron.

Omega tagged in, hits crossbody off the top rope. Nick with a hard back elbow. Ibushi and Matt in, hurricanrana on Ibushi. Matt gets another hard kick to the back, he's really selling that sore back now. Golden Lovers with some nice double team moves. Young Bucks on the outside golden moonsault by Omega, sounded like Ibushi jacked up whatever he was trying.

Samoan driver by Omega, flips on the second rope, Ibushi with running shooting star press, Omega with a second rope moonsault that partially catches Ibushi and finally, Ibushi hits a second rope moonsault. Omega and Matt in the ring, backbreaker on Matt while Nick almost begs him not to do that. Nick gets tagged in and lands a flurry of kicks on his opponents, bulldog/lariat combo to drop the Golden Lovers.

Nick going wild now with a lung blower on Ibushi, suicide dive out to Omega, and a big kick to Ibushi back in the ring, cover, two. Matt ends up getting stuck on the top turnbuckle, Ibushi tries for a superplex. Omega joins the party and we see stalled double team superplex! Golden Lovers head to the top rope for a move, but get stopped. Nick grabs the table and bridges it from the ring to the barricade. Matt up on the top rope, Nick telling him to take out Omega. He takes too long and Ibushi hits a bicycle kick to stop that. Omega sees the table and lifts Matt up into the one winged angel. Ibushi hops up from behind and hits a german suplex from the top rope! Cover, two!

Two v-triggers and a last ride powerbomb on Matt, but Nick saves the day. Ibushi with multiple kicks to Matt's chest, Ibushi tries for a standing moonsault, knees up. Matt gets a sharpshooter in. Omega works his way in punches him in the face. Matt wants more until Nick comes in and superkicks Omega to the mat. Omega on the floor, Nick with a crazy step up corkscrew senton. Matt gets the sharpshooter in again, but Matt's back gave out on him.

Young Bucks more bang for your buck on Ibushi, Matt with a diving elbow on Omega through the table! 450 splash on Ibushi, cover, two. Nick and Matt showing some frustration now. Ibushi fighting back against the Bucks, superkick! Omega in now, superkick on Nick. Matt gets caught on Omega's shoulder, superkick by Nick. Double pele kick by Ibushi and all four men are down. Matt and Omega in the ring now, piledriver on Omega. Matt removes the belt and start hammer Omega and Ibushi over the back. Red shoes tries to take it away, Matt yanks it away, Omega forearm to Matt's back. Omega picks up the belt now and tosses it aside. Knees to Matt's face, v-trigger attempt, spear by Matt.

Ibushi catches Nick and gives him a last ride through a table on the floor! Assisted tombstone on Matt, cover, 2! Crowd thought it was over. "New Japan!" chant. Omega with a powerbomb, cover, two. Ibushi yells at Omega to hit the v-trigger on Matt, which he does. One winged angel and he doesn't do it! Matt tells him to do it and he does! Pin, Nick breaks it up! Crowd went ballistic for that spot. Nick comes in with some offense, but gets disposed off. Matt ends up getting a golden trigger (stereo knees) to the face and that finally ends the match. WOW!

Winners: Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi via Pinfall

- Post-match, Omega checks on Matt. Nick back in the ring and talks with Matt as Ibushi and Omega get their hands raised. Omega and Ibushi celebrate a little bit in the ring while Nick watches over Matt. The Young Bucks give Omega a look as he heads out of the ring with Ibushi. Cody gets in the ring and he's heated! Cody starts yelling at Matt, Nick comes over and he gets shoved to the mat. Cody tosses off his jacket and Omega comes back to the ring to chase Cody off. Cody heads out to the back as the crowd boos him. Omega talks with The Young Bucks and extends a hand to help up Nick, they hug. Omega does the same for Matt who looked a little more hesitant. Matt ends up bouncing out of the ring, Nick helps him to the back.

- Omega gets on the mic, says sometimes friends have to go to war and sometimes they are causalities. He wishes he was more happy with the situation, but the silver lining is that the Golden Lovers are back and they are here to stay. He tells Cody he's going to beat him up in the very near future. They will up the ante at their next US show which will be bigger and better. Omega notes he may have a broken orbital bone and Ibushi has a busted lip. The two shake hands with the crowd as they head out.


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