Interesting Note Regarding Asuka's Opponent On Last Night's WWE RAW

As noted, Asuka's opponent on last night's episode of WWE RAW was Ellie Fredricks, who works for IWC in Pennsylvania.

In an interview before the match, Charly Caruso noted that it was Fredricks' first-ever match. On last night's episode of the Wrestling Inc. podcast which you can watch below, myself, Matt Morgan, Glenn Rubenstein and Justin LaBar discussed the match, and LaBar noted that Caruso's comments were a shoot.

"She's [Fredricks] from here in Pittsburgh, she works with us here at IWC Wrestling," LaBar said. "That was a legit shoot, she has not ever had a first match."

We were able to follow-up and confirm today that it was indeed Fredricks' first match. While she has been training and has worked as a valet, she has never worked an actual match.

You can check out the full episode below, the conversation about Fredricks starts at the 30:00 mark. The Wrestling Inc. Podcast airs every Monday immediately following RAW, Wednesdays at noon ET and post-WWE PPV Sundays immediately after the event with Matt Morgan, Glenn Rubenstein and Raj Giri. You can subscribe to the Wrestling Inc. Podcast on iTunes and on YouTube. Please rate us and leave a comment.


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