Paul Heyman Taunts Roman Reigns With Flashback Photo, Triple H, Lana Focusing On Her Acting Career

- We've noted how Bourbon Street brass band Soul Rebels recently performed several WWE theme songs on the streets of New Orleans to promote WrestleMania 34. Above is a clip of the band performing Triple H's theme.

- Lana recently told that she has a role in the "Other Versions of You" indie movie that premieres on May 9th at the Nashville Film Festival. Lana also revealed that she has been focusing more on her acting career.

"I am really excited because I just worked on a independent movie called Other Versions Of You," she said. "And it is actually premiering at the Nashville Film Festival. I believe that is May 9th so I am really excited about that and it will be hitting other festivals as well."

"I love story telling and I love entertaining so, if it comes in any shape or form like, of course I would love to do more movies and TV shows. But, I love being with WWE and I love story telling and that is what I want to do for the rest of my life."

- Paul Heyman tweeted the following "#FlashbackFriday" photo today to taunt Roman Reigns ahead of his WrestleMania 34 match with WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar:


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