Former Lucha Underground Star On Being An Extra For WWE, What They Look For In Talent, Rey Mysterio

Former Lucha Underground star and current CRASH star, Bestia 666, spoke to The Roman Show at the SPW Extreme Justice event in Doral, Fl on being an extra for a WWE segment and Rey Mysterio. Here are some of the highlights:

Rey Mysterio becoming a part-owner of Aro Lucha:

"It really surprised me. He is a humbled person and this will help the lucha libre industry especially for us luchadors like Mexicans and Hispanics to have a person like Rey Mysterio to focus on lucha libre. To have a person like him have control of a promotion like that is great knowing that he knows the business. It will help him economically, but others too. He always tries to help people. I think that is what he will do. He has said that he will help the talent. He'll help us, the Latinos."

Playing as an extra for WWE:

"I was there, but [the WWE Superstars] were in their zone. I just did what I had to do, but I did go to the Performance Center in 2013 and I continue to work hard. I am not waiting for the WWE, but of course that is the dream. I would lie to you if I said I didn't want to be there."

What he thinks WWE looks for in talent:

"WWE looks for people from other countries that can communicate. I speak English too, even though I am talking to you in Spanish. I am used to the American style. In the meantime, I will prepare, train, and be ready."

You can check out the full interview above (Note: it's in Spanish) or by clicking here.


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