WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results (4/3): Asuka And The Miz Vs. Charlotte And Bobby Roode

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Tonight features the finals with Charlotte and Bobby Roode taking on The Miz and Asuka right after SmackDown!

- Carmella and Big E commenting on Facebook tonight.

Charlotte and Bobby Roode vs. The Miz and Asuka

Miz starting off with Roode who gets the "glorious" taunt going right off the bat. Miz returns fire with his "When my hands goes up, you're mouth goes shut." Everyone starts doing their taunts and Asuka gets fed up, starts yelling in Japanese. Charlotte and Roode chop Miz, who backs off and tags in Asuka. This is the first time they've wrestled in a WWE ring. Pretty even collar and elbow tie up that takes them out of the ring. They finally separate and yell at each other. Both hop in the ring, but Miz tags himself back in, crowd boos that. Roode charges in and goes to work on Miz.

Miz able to recover and drops Roode, he calls to Charlotte and nearly locks in the figure-four. Miz does some stylin' and profilin', Roode charges and drops him. Charlotte and Asuka back in and Asuka lands some big kicks, hip attack, cover, two. She goes for a second hip attack, Charlotte catches her, Asuka with a cover, two. Couple big chops by Charlotte. Belly to back suplex on Asuka. Charlotte heads to the top rope and hits a moonsault, but Asuka kicks out. Charlotte tries for the figure-four and Asuka kicks her away. Miz leans in and mocks her, Charlotte tries for a slap, Miz moves and Asuka strikes from behind.

Roode and Miz back in the ring, Roode with a neckbreaker and heads up to the top. Flying clothesline hits, glorious DDT attempt, Miz reverses into a skull-crushing finale attempt, nope, Miz then kicks Roode in the mug. Miz with a bunch of it kicks, but Roode drops Miz, cover, two-count. Miz trying to tag out, Asuka is still on the floor on the outside. Miz hits a DDT, cover, two.

Miz tries for a figur-four, nope, finally looks to get it and Roode rolls him up, two-count. Miz then tries yet again and Charlotte hits a spear. She then locks in the figure-four on Miz. Asuka flies in with a low dropkick to clear out Charlotte. Roode with a spinebuster, cover, two. Roode tries for a glorious DDT, Asuka clocks Roode from behind and then baseball slides into Charlotte. Miz then nails a skull-crushing finale to pick up the victory.

Winners: Asuka and The Miz to win the Mixed Match Challenge Tournament

- Post-match, Miz and Asuka talk with Renee Young. Miz says this is the best week after the birth of his daughter and raising money for their charity, Rescue Dogs Rock. Miz says he's going on to defend the IC title at WrestleMania. Asuka says she will become the SmackDown Women's Champion.


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