Ronda Rousey On Wanting To Work With CM Punk In WWE

Ronda Rousey spoke with Get Up before her upcoming WrestleMania 34 match where she will make her WWE in-ring debut by teaming up with Kurt Angle against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Rousey spoke about who she wants to work with and who is her current favorite to work with in WWE.

"My favorite to work with so far is Kurt Angle," Rousey said. "I absolutely love him, he's the coolest."

When asked about a dream person to work with, Rousey went with CM Punk, who left WWE in early 2014 and is currently scheduled to fight at UFC 225.

"I would really love to work with CM Punk, but I don't know if that's possible."

Rousey was asked if she knows something that everyone else doesn't, but the former UFC Champion is just being hopeful for a Punk return.

"No, I wish I did. I wish I was breaking the news 'CM Punk and I are taking over the world together,' but I've don't have any news to break," Rousey laughed. "I'm just pleading, pleading eyes."

With WrestleMania 34 just days away, Rousey was asked if she was nervous about debuting on wrestling's biggest stage.

"I'm extremely nervous, but nerves bring out the best in me and the world should be ready for the best of me."

You can see Rousey's full comments in the clip below.

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