Edge On Being Confused By John Cena Vs. Undertaker, How He Would Have Ended Roman Reigns Match

As previously noted, WWE Legends Edge and Christian recently shared their thoughts on WWE WrestleMania 34. Among other things, 'The Rocket Strappers' talked about the epic 'Showcase Of The Immortals' being too long, the unadvertised squash match between The Undertaker and John Cena, and the finish of the Universal Championship match featuring Brock Lesnar defending his title versus Roman Reigns.

According to Christian, WrestleMania 34 was too long.

"I think that it was too long. It's a long time for people to sit and watch [pro] wrestling and stay engaged the entire time. Like, I get it. It's a huge event. Overall, I thought the card was really good. I thought that pretty much every match delivered. Just like I said, it seems like when people are sitting that long, they just get burnt out after a certain amount of time." Christian elaborated, "sometimes really great matches don't seem as good maybe because the crowd is not as hot as they should be and it seems like it could affect the way the matches are viewed when they are really good."

Along these lines, Edge suggested that the length of the show has negatively impacted Reigns for two years in a row now. While WrestleMania 34 was a long show, Edge appreciated the necessity of having such a lengthy card.

"I think that [has] affected Reigns two years in a row now." Edge explained, "you want to be in the main event, but you're in the main event after six-and-a-half hours of wrestling. That's a tough position to be in, no matter who you are, to try and keep a crowd engaged. It is too long, but I get the flip side. You're trying to get people on the show."

With respect to The Undertaker's quick win over Cena, Edge said the match was "odd" and he was "confused" by it.

"The Taker/Cena thing? I'm confused. Yeah, even sitting in the crowd and running to the back. And then, what was it, a five-minute match or something? Was it? I mean, who knows going into it what limitations there are or anything like that, but, man, there was an opportunity to have a dream match at WrestleMania and it felt lost somehow. I don't know." Edge continued, "it was just odd. I guess that's really what it was to me. It was just odd."

When asked whether he was surprised that Lesnar and Paul Heyman left New Orleans, Louisiana with the Universal title, Christian confirmed that he was surprised by Lesnar going over.

"I was surprised by [the finish of the match], but that's not always a bad thing." Christian said, "I think that it's weird because, like, when? I think the same thing, like Reigns was put in a tough position two years in a row main eventing after a long, long night."

Edge added that he would have put the Universal title on Reigns.  

"I personally would've put the title on him, but there you have it. There you have it."

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