Randy Orton's Tattoo Artist Sues WWE And 2K Games

Illinois tattoo artist Catherine Alexander has filed a lawsuit against WWE and 2K Games, according to TMZ Sports. Randy Orton's tattoo artist claims that 2K and WWE used her designs without permission in the WWE 2K video game series.

Alexander claims that she's been doing Orton's ink since 2003 and owns the copyrights to the designs. She's accusing WWE and 2K of copyright infringement because Orton's tats are depicted to a tee in the WWE video games.

Alexander says she brought the issue up with WWE in 2009 and was offered just $450 for the rights to use the designs. She says she declined the offer. There's no word yet on how much money she is seeking in the suit.

The tattoos mentioned in the suit are a tribal tattoo on Orton's upper back as well as the full sleeve he has with everything from a Bible verse to a dove, skulls and a rose, among others.

Source: TMZ


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