WWE To Announce Third MITB Ladder Match Soon?

It looks like WWE may be adding a third Money In the Bank Ladder Match for the June 17th pay-per-view from Chicago.

There had been speculation on three MITB matches this year but RAW General Manager Kurt Angle only announced the men's and the women's matches at Monday's RAW. Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Live that Angle was set to announce the third match for tag teams but plans were changed before RAW hit the air. Word is that officials figured they have 6 weeks until the pay-per-view and they didn't have to announce all three matches right away.

The MITB Ladder Match for tag teams is expected to be announce soon. This match explains why WWE has had tag teams tweet videos about possibly qualifying or winning a briefcase and why there were three briefcases featured on the MITB promotional poster. No word yet on how many tag teams will be featured in the match.