Spoilers: WWE NXT Tapings For Tonight

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* TM61 defeated Heavy Machinery. Machinery dominate the opening part of the match. Tucker Knight ties Nick Miller up in a Final Cut position in the ropes and they use Shane Thorne as a battering ram into Nick. Shane tags in and hits an uppercut on Tucker, who had Nick rolled up and TM take control and trade tags isolating Tucker. Tucker finally gets the hot tag to Otis Dozovic, who runs wild. Otis hits the worm, but Shane breaks up the pin. Otis goes up top and wipes off with Shane's towel and tosses it in the ring. While the ref is distracted by the towel, Shane knocks Otis off the ropes and Nick scores the pin with his feet on the ropes

* Lacey Evans defeated Kairi Sane. Kairi aggressively goes after Lacey at the start. They trade some stiff chops. Lacey takes control. Kairi ducks a kick and hits a blockbuster. Kairi hits the baseball slide elbow and rolls Lacey back into the ring. Kairi goes for a forearm smash off the top rope, but Lacey punches her out of the air and gets the pin

* Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano come out for a promo. Johnny is in a neckbrace and is solemn on his way to the ring, stop to talk to some kids at ringside. Gargano says his body hurts everyday after what Ciampa did. He says he sat down with Candice and it's time to start thinking about "our" future and if it's worth it. Crowd chants YES. Johnny asks again if it's worth it after the toll it's taken on his friends and family. Johnny says it's definitely worth it and rips off the neckbrace and calls out Ciampa to finish this, to the dismay of Candice. Ciampa comes out and Candice sprints away, returning with referees to keep them apart. Candice convinces Johnny to leave, but Ciampa talks trash and Johnny runs back and jumps on the apron, only to be knocked off and into Candice who slams into the ramp. Ciampa looks dismayed and bails through the crowd as Johnny helps Candice. Nigel McGuiness leaves the commentary table to check on them and help Candice to the back

* Vanessa Borne defeated Steffanie Newell. Vanessa worked over Newell's left arm for most of the match. Newell fights back with forearms and hits a crossbody for 2. Borne throws Newell's bad arm into the ropes and hits a running swinging neck breaker for the pin.

* Cathy Kelley is backstage with Dakota Kai. Dakota has a title match with Shayna "next week" and says that she's let her get into her head. Dakota calls her a bully, then Shayna interrupts, telling her the only way this ends is with Dakota unconscious. Dakota says we'll see

* As usual, they may be taping out of order again

* Lars Sullivan defeated Ricochet and The Velveteen Dream in a Handicap Match. Lars tosses Dream to the side at the start and he tags in Ricochet. Ricochet gets tossed as well and Dream gives him some strategy before tagging in. They double team Lars on each tag, but Lars eventually takes control. Dream and Ricochet hit stereo superkicks and both cover Lars, but get just a 1. Lars again powers back and takes control. Lars destroys Dream, but he keeps kicking out at 2. Lars hits the diving headbutt to Dream's back as he reaches for a tag, and Ricochet breaks up the pin. Lars chases Ricochet around the ring, but Ricochet fights him off and Dream makes the tag. After a flurry of double team moves, Ricochet gets a near fall. Ricochet tags in as Dream does a springboard senton and hits a springboard 450, but Dream then lays him out with the chartwheel DVD and leaves the ring, allowing Lars to hit the Freak Accident for the win


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