Impact: Under Pressure Results (5/31): Pentagon Jr. Vs. Austin Aries, Su Yung Vs. Allie, Brian Cage

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- Sonjay Dutt addresses the entire roster about the recent rash of backstage attacks. Dutt says everything is okay and there's no need to panic. One of the wrestlers pipe up that it's only the wrestlers getting taken out, not anyone high up. Petey Williams jumps up to defend Dutt and says if it's someone in this locker room, they need to stop because they will be found.

- We get a quick look at each of tonight's matches featuring Pentagon Jr. defending the Impact World Championship against Austin Aries.

Eli Drake vs. Scott Steiner

Both wrestlers seem pretty annoyed with each other as the crowd starts up a "You both suck!" chant. Steiner works Drake to the corner and gives a little flex. Drake starts bickering with him about being champions and that they should still be champions. Drake in the corner, hiding in the ropes, when the ref wasn't looking he got a rake to the eyes. Steiner recovers and hits a overhead belly-to-belly suplex to the apron. Drake with a springboard shoulder block and a body slam. Tries for an elbow drop, nobody home, Steiner hits his own, cover, two.

Drake out to the floor, Steiner follows and throws him into the barricade a couple times. Both back in the ring, Steiner suplexing Drake a few times, cover, two. Drake up and tries for a top rope moonsault, misses, Steiner looking for the Steiner Recliner, but Drake immediately grabs the rope and lifts Steiner up on his shoulders. Drake looked to drop Steiner over the top of the rope, but Steiner just flopped down on his feet, ugly, but safe. Drake gets tossed out on the floor, Steiner randomly shoves the ref aside and Drake grabs a chair that's on the floor and smacks Steiner in the head (much like Steiner accidentally did to him when they lost the tag titles), pin, and that will do it.

Winner: Eli Drake via Pinfall

- In studio, Don Callis and Josh Mathews talking about Tessa Blanchard vs. Madison Rayne and then Allie defending the Knockouts Championship against Su Yung.

Tessa Blanchard vs. Madison Rayne

Some trash talking to get us started with Rayne getting in her face. Blanchard with a pieface, but Rayne returns fire with some strikes to the chest and a hurricanrana. Madison tries for an early pin, barely a one-count. Blanchard with a tilt-a-whirl body slam and a couple wrist-lock clotheslines, cover, two-count. Blanchard starts swinging away on her grounded opponent. Big knee to the midsection, she goes for a running elbow and Rayne moves out of the way.

Blanchard with a handful of hair and Rayne gets thrown face first into the match. Dropkick to Rayne's back, pin, two-count. "Come on, Madison!" Blanchard yells as the crowd continues a "Madison!" chant. Rayne starts to fight back with a number of forearms and chops. Clothesline, sliding clothesline, cover by Rayne, two-count. Raynes gets right back on her with a northern lights suplex.

Rayne heads up to the top rope, gets kicked down to the second rope, and Rayne gets planted down to the mat, cover, another kick out. Blanchard is getting increasing annoyed with the referee and gets in his face about the count. Blanchard tries for the hammerlock DDT, Rayne is able to roll up Blanchard for the 1-2-3! Commentary putting that over as a surprise victory. Blanchard can't believe and yells at Blanchard from the ring.

Winner: Madison Rayne via Pinfall

- LAX Lair, Santana and Ortiz play cards as Eddie Kingston shows up with some booze and a briefcase full of...something. He then brings in two ladies to tend to Santana and Ortiz. He then wants the duo to get revenge on Caleb Konley and Trevor Lee and they will meet next week.

- Vignette of Brian Cage showing his destruction thus far in Impact Wrestling.

Dezmond Xavier vs. Brian Cage (Number Contender for X Division Championship)

Xavier using his speed to avoid Cage's strikes and is able to get Cage out of the ring. Dropkick lands, tries for a kick, but Cage swats it away and slams Xavier down on the apron. Cage sends Xavier across the ring and hits a huge back body drop. Cage tries for another toss, but Xavier lands on his feet. Xavier tries for a tornado DDT and is caught in midair, Cage with a butterfly suplex. Crowd doing the Terminator clap for Cage as he gets kicked and punched by Xavier.

Xavier with a spinning kick to the head and then the back of Cage's head. Cage out to the floor and Xavier hits a handspring flip over the top to the floor, clearing out his opponent. Cage absorbs that punishment though, throws Xavier into the apron and then back into the ring. Xavier with a running kick, a second one, and Cage is just getting grumpy now. Xavier with springboard double knees to the back of the head, Xavier up to with a corkscrew senton, cover, Cage kicks out at one. Cage dumps Xavier down, hits the drill claw, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Brian Cage via Pinfall

- Post-match, Cage picks up Xavier and ends up shaking his dazed opponent's hand.

- Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell asks what it means to Austin Aries to get another shot at the Impact World Championship. He says it's not about me, it's about the company and pro wrestling itself as he goes around the world collecting belts and building them up. Aries says until Pentagon Jr. beats him one-on-one, he's not the true champion. Then says the title that he hold has a whole lot of value because he's the one holding it. Aries says tonight we'll find out if Pentagon Jr. has what it really takes to be the face of Impact Wrestling and the one true World Champion of this company.

Allie (c) vs. Sun Yung (Last Rites Match for the Impact Knockouts Championship)

Su Yung's undead bridesmaids bring the coffin down before Yung heads down to the ring and checks out the coffin herself. Allie heads down with a mix of her and Rosemary themes. Allie is playing up Rosemary's mannerisms and has the face paint on. Allie with multiple clotheslines and tries to put Yung right into the coffin, but doesn't have much luck. Yung gets in some offense and slows down the champion. She tries to put Allie in the coffin, but Allie fights Yung off for a moment.

Yung puts the glove on as she drives her shoulder into Allie's midsection. Allie sends Yung into the second turnbuckle, hits a sliding forearm, but Yung clocks her and nearly gets Allie all the way into the coffin. Allie hops back up and kicks Yung off the apron and to the floor. Allie with a flying forearm off the coffin to the floor as we go to break. Back in the ring, Allie tries for a dropkick in the corner, misses, Yung with a knee, Allie falls back and Allie gets up like Rosemary does. Yung with a another knee that puts Allie down. Yung grabs a chair, Allie kicks it away, couple forearms, side russian leg sweep and she tries to drag Yung into the coffin. Yung sends Allie's head on the ropes. Yung puts the glove on again, Allie with a chair, throws it, Yung catches it and Allie hits a weak looking codebreaker.

She puts Yung in the coffin and nearly gets it closed, but Yung with an uppercut knocks Allie back, but she superkicks Yung, who falls into the coffin. She tries to close the lid and Yung pushes it open. Yung gets the mandible claw locked in and Allie is fading. Yung is able put a knocked out Allie down in the coffin, closes the lid, and Yung is the new champion.

Winner: Su Yung wins the Impact Knockouts Championship

- Pentagon Jr. cuts a promo about how the title is the most important thing to him right now and understands that Austin Aries is a big star with a big following, but he's about to have a bad year because he's dealing with Pentagon Jr. Cero Miedo!

- In studio, Mathews and Callis are previewing the main event when we see the red x graphic suddenly show up. Cut to the backstage area and Sonjay Dutt is down with Petey Williams kneeling over him. Williams yells for help and tells the camera guy to cut the cameras.

- Recap of the rivalry between Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan.

- Backstage, Eddie Edwards tells Alisha Edwards that he got the match he wanted, no ropes, no ring, and no referee, in the on! Alisha is not happy with this, Edwards says he's going to the wood to "murder" Sami Callihan.

Pentagon Jr. (c) vs. Austin Aries (Impact World Championship)

Pentagon made his way to the ring and Aries with a suicide dive to get the early strike on the champion. Pentagon with a superkick and another kick and a chop to the chest. He goes for a second one, but misses and whacks the ring post. Aries throws him in the ring, multiple covers, two each time. He goes for last chancery right off the bat, but Pentagon gets to the rope.

Aries then ties Pentagon's mask to the top rope and hammers on Pentagon. The referee frees him and Pentagon drops Aries. He tries to snap Aries arm who bails out of the ring. Pentagon looks for a suicide dive and Aries catches him. Aries climbs to the top rope and nails a missile dropkick. Aries continues to work over the champion as he tries to figure out how to put him away. Crowd is fairly split in this one.

Delayed european uppercut from the second rope, cover, Pentagon kicks out at one. Back from break, Pentagon lights up Aries' chest with a number of chops and Aries flops down to the floor. Aries gets back on the apron and is suplexed into the ring. Pentagon looked for his package piledriver, but Aries gets out of it, two slingblade by Pentagon, pin, two-count. Another attempt at the package piledriver, no, Aries with a kneebreaker into a back suplex.

Both end up on the top turnbuckle, Pentagon tries for his finisher, no, Aries with a sunset powerbomb straight into last chancery! The champion is able to claw his way to the rope and break the hold. Aries looks for the brainbuster, gets shoved into the corner, Pentagon with a lung blower, cover, two. Both get back up, Aries tries for a brainbuster, no, package pildriver hits and Aries is able to drop his foot on the bottom rope! Pentagon can't believe it as Aries hangs onto the bottom rope. Pentagon goes out on the apron and can't quite drop Aries down on the apron. Aries with a neckbreaker over the rope. Aries tries for a hurricanrana, caught in midair, Aries counters that into last chancery out on the floor, can't win out there. The referee ends up counting both men out before either can get back in.

Aries gets on the mic and says "no, no, no, that's bulls—. There's only enough room for one champion in this place." Pentagon agrees and they restart the match, Pentagon tries for the quick roll-up, two. Back on the apron, Aries with a death valley driver on the apron. Both back on the apron, Pentagon hits a package piledriver on the apron! Both are now still down outside the ring and the referee starts counting again and gets to 10 again! Pentagon now cuts a promo about there needing to be one champion, the referee goes to restart the match, Aries kicks Pentagon between the legs, brainbuster hits, gets the pin, the win, and the title.

Winner: Austin Aries via Pinfall to win the Impact World Championship