Jim Ross On What Big Cass Needs To Work On If He Wants To Be A Star

Recently on The Jim Ross Report, WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross weighed in on many pro wrestling topics including pro wrestlers performing the same basic match, SmackDown Live being superior to RAW, and how SmackDown Live's Big Cass can continue to improve his overall presentation.

According to Ross, many performers with various promotions are all doing the same match now and it is repetitive and sometimes illogical.  

"I watch a lot of wrestling and here's what I'm thinking: I'm thinking that too many talents are doing the same basic match today as they had a year ago." Ross continued, "too many damn people are using the same sequencing, the same movesets leading into other movesets. And it's repetitive, and it's predictable, and sometimes it's illogical. That's where you've got guys saying, 'well, I've got to get my s–t in.' Guess what. If you've got to get your s–t in, that's what it probably is, s–te."

In Ross's learned view, SmackDown Live is better than RAW more often than not. 'Good Ol' J.R.' suggested that the third hour of RAW makes 'The A Show' hard to sit through.  

"In general, SmackDown Live, maybe it's that extra hour that you get to deal with on RAW, I don't know." Ross considered, "but I think that it's SmackDown, which seems to me is the better of the two shows more weeks than not. Not always, but more weeks than not. And I think that extra hour [has] a lot to do with my enjoyment because after three hours, it's challenging for anything for three hours."

On the subject of Big Cass, Ross professed that 'The Big Bambino' must be aggressive, as a S-A-W-F-T seven footer in pro wrestling is like a jump shooting big man in basketball.

"I like Cass." Ross added, "look, he's seven feet tall, folks! You can't teach that! I actually said that in a meeting one time at the [WWE] Performance Center in Orlando [Florida], in a meeting. I'll tell that story one of these days, but it's a good deal. And you can't teach that. And the WWE has always coveted size because every great promoter knows that people get their heads turned by size. Why in the hell else would a fat lady in a circus sell a ticket? Because of her size and freakishness. So he's seven feet and he's being provided valuable TV time, folks. No doubt. You know what I say, you'd better damn sure maximize your minutes, so what this kid [has] got to do in my opinion is to continue to be aggressive. I don't need a seven-footer on the roster who's a finesse guy, a style guy. Like I said, I don't need? I can use the basketball analogy because basketball's ongoing. I need a [power forward] of a [center] from Big Cass, not a [shooting guard]."

Moreover, Ross opined that Big Cass needs to work on his promos to step up his game. J.R. claimed that Cass has holes in his game that must be addressed for him to be a star for WWE.

"I need physicality, but he also needs work on his delivery," Ross admitted. "That's out of the ring practice. In your car, at home, in front of a mirror, wherever you are, make sure that you are seeing what you're saying. Look at your face when you say these things. And I think he needs to work on his promos sounding a little more organic, not memorized. And sometimes, because you have to memorize them by and large, it's hard to not sound memorized. So you don't want it to sound like a script, by the way. But I'll tell you, being seven feet tall is an asset for him. He [has] got a great look. I have confidence that he'll be a star, but he [has] got to fill some holes in his game and that's a daily effort, daily plan. And I don't know the kid well enough to say what his daily plan is or what they're doing with him behind-the-scenes to work on some of these issues, but, again, you can't teach that. He's seven feet tall. He's young and a good looking kid."

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Source: The Jim Ross Report