New Details On New Japan's Upcoming King Of Sports Mobile App Game

New Japan Pro Wrestling is growing in popularity in big ways and cementing themselves in pop culture on a global level. The company was finding success in North America even before appointing Harold Meij as their new president, but that certainly won't hurt things for them. Meij has a skill set that could really help the company grow and strengthen their worldwide influence.

NJPW's latest effort to branch out into a new market comes in the form of their upcoming mobile app. You can download a Beta version of it now, but you need to be quick because they plan to take it down after July 1st in order to tweak the game before it officially hits the market.

Make sure you have plenty of space before downloading the King Of Sports New Japan Pro Wrestling beta version because it takes a considerable amount of memory on your phone. There is a lot of content to download, but it's a very interesting idea to wrestle Kenny Omega on your smartphone. New Japan is also featured in the Fire Pro Wrestling World game, but this new smartphone app is all New Japan and unique to the feel of their matches, stories, and audience.

The upcoming King Of Sports NJPW app features a couple interesting in-game aspects to simulate actual wrestling psychology like if you repeat a move your popularity falls and you need to be able to make sure your opponent gets ample opportunity to perform as well to help tell a good story in the ring. It seems like they took a completely different approach to this game than what was previously on the market and that could pay off for them big in that regard.

Players start the game by customizing their own wrestler. You can pick your own name and style with strong, submission, strike, and power as the options. Each style has a unique move set as do the weight classes which lists five all the up to macho and sumo. As you start the game it's all about collecting moves to use on your opponent and you have to tell a good story along the way. A player is rated by how much the crowd is entertained, if there is a comeback, and the variety of moves you use during a match. It's an incredibly interesting way to go about things but seems so incredibly appropriate considering New Japan's brand.

Source: New Japan Pro Wrestling


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