The Miz On If WWE Should Turn Roman Reigns Heel

Roman Reigns is a polarizing character and seemingly earmarked for a top spot on the card. Many fans have rejected this premise for multiple reasons and The Miz had a lot to say on The Gorilla Position about how WWE should book Reigns when asked if he felt The Big Dog wasn't being used properly.

"It's kinda the Cena Syndrome," The Miz said. "You look at John Cena whether you love him or you hate him he always gets a reaction. Roman Reigns has that same aura, that same ability. Now does he need to be heel or face? I think he needs to be Roman Reigns.

"I would allow Roman to keep being Roman. He's selling the most merch out of anybody and the people are gonna sit there and go: 'oh well he shouldn't be here he should be doing this.' Nobody knows. Nobody has a scientific formula to being the most over Superstar in all of WWE. One thing is for certain, Roman Reigns gets a reaction every time he goes out there. Whether you love him or you hate him."

Some fans are quick to reject Reigns' push, but The Miz continued as he explained why Reigns is in the position he currently enjoys. The Miz said Reigns is popular with the female fan base as well as children. He continues to sell merchandise and get a reaction, therefore Reigns is doing his job.

"The hardcore fans will say, 'oh you're shoving him down our throats. How dare you do that! Blah, blah, blah.' But I guarantee there are kids out there who look at him and there are women out there who are like, 'oh my god.' Trust me because my wife's friends will literally go, 'Roman Reigns, ahhh.' Alright, what about me, jerk?

"So the fact is Roman Reigns creates a reaction. So I'll let him get that reaction and whether he feels he needs to be a bad guy or a good guy, nowadays it doesn't matter. There aren't bad guys and good guys. How many bad guys and good guys do you see in WWE? Nobody like the old-fashioned Superman, nobody wants that anymore. You know everyone wants that bleed of grey and that's what we give you. I think Roman Reigns is doing a tremendous job in giving you that. He's not gonna sit there and go, 'I'm the all-American good guy,' he's gonna say things that make you go, 'oh he probably shouldn't have said that because you know that's not what a good guy would do.' Or that's not what a bad guy would do because it's what Roman Reigns feels as he should do.

"So whether you like him or not, he's selling the most merch and getting the biggest reactions so what's he doing wrong? What's the bad part about that? Tell me."