CM Punk Films His First Feature Film Role

Former WWE Champion CM Punk has wrapped filming on his first starring role in a feature film, according to Deadline. Punk stars as Don Koch in the haunted house thriller "Girl on the Third Floor."

Punk's character is a man who is failing as a husband, who believes he can make up for past mistakes by fixing up an old house. His wife, Liz Koch, is concerned about the timeline of the renovation because they have a baby on the way. Don tears the house apart for renovations but the house starts to tear him apart as well, "revealing the rot behind the drywall."

The movie also stars Trieste Dunn, Elissa Dowling and newcomer Sarah Brooks. Producer Travis Stevens makes his directorial debut with the film. Stevens is also producing along with Giles Edwards, Nicola Goelzhauser and Greg Newman.

Punk also recently filmed a role in the feature remake of David Cronenberg's Rabid movie. Regarding this new project, he commented on his first feature film role and said, "I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity to take on the lead role in Girl On The Third Floor. I'm a longtime personal fan of genre films and this project was an absolute natural fit for me."

Producer Newman also commented on Punk, adding, "Phil Brooks has proven his abilities as an actor outside of the ring and is a natural fit for the lead. His range and performance will surely delight and surprise those who know him best from his athletic career. We're thrilled and honored to have him on the project."

The movie was shot in the Chicago suburb of Frankfort, Illinois, in a house that is rumored to be haunted. This is the first movie for fledgling genre production & distribution company Queensbury Pictures. No word yet on when "Girl on the Third Floor" will be released but we'll keep you updated.