Damian Priest Names The Biggest Backstage Change Under New WWE Management

Damian Priest has taken notice of one key backstage change since Vince McMahon retired. With McMahon out of the picture, Paul "Triple H" Levesque has taken over the creative direction of WWE as its Chief Content Officer. The general consensus is that WWE programming has made significant improvements since McMahon made his exit.


For Priest, he believes the change in power has allowed for better communication between the talent and higher-ups.

"It's just a little bit more fluent as far as the approach," Priest told the "Gorilla Position" podcast. "There was this idea of Mr. McMahon I think more so than it actually was. Everybody just thought that guy on TV was the guy backstage, so there's like a nervousness to approach him and speak to him."

Priest went on to say that Levesque was his introduction to WWE and he likes the familiarity of working with him. The Judgment Day member also shared how the vibe has changed in the locker room.

"I think for most there's a comfortableness because people have worked with him for so long," Priest said. "Whether it's on the other side when they're standing across the ring, there's that side. He's very much the boss, but there's just a familiarity and a comfortableness that it's just different – a different vibe. So, I would say that's the biggest change we've felt."


Priest signed with WWE back in 2018 and was placed in the "NXT" brand. He became the "NXT" North American Champion before eventually making his way to the main roster. During his time with "NXT," Priest got to pick Levesque's brain in terms of the creative process. The WWE Hall of Famer ran creative for the brand before stepping away last year due to health issues.

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