Chavo Guerrero Addresses Possible Retirement

Chavo Guerrero's in-ring career has slowed down but he's still very much involved in pro wrestling. "Guerreros never retire," Chavo told the "Wrestling Perspective Podcast" recently. "When I see Ric Flair's retirement match I'm like 'which one is this?' You just don't ever really retire."

Guerrero says that his work "is still wrestling but it's just a different avenue" as now his life in movies, TV, brewing beer, and making cigars, comes from his work in wrestling. "I got a whole thing that stems out from my old wrestling career. Whether I'm doing a comic book convention or a cameo, it all stems from [wrestling] still but I'm not getting punched in the face anymore." 

"I don't think I'll ever retire," Guerrero continued. "I wrestle three to four times a year now. It's not big WrestleMania matches, I know where I'm at, but I keep myself in shape at all times, so that any match that I have, guys still say 'what the hell dude you're outworking all of us!' and I just say 'I don't have to do that three hundred days a year anymore so I can do that.'" Chavo's last match for a major company occurred in 2019 at Impact's Victory Road, and he also wrestled on both Talk N' Shop-A-Mania shows that have been put on by Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows, and Rocky Romero. He briefly appeared in All Elite Wrestling too, managing Andrade El Idolo, but Guerrero had to mutually part ways with AEW to help with the production of the NBC series "Young Rock" starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.