Karrion Kross Names WWE Star He Was Careful Not To Call Out During First Run

Karrion Kross wanted to mix it up with a slew of WWE talent during his first main roster run, and was often asked about the stars he wanted to share the ring with. However, he was wary of calling for a match with one major WWE superstar.

Speaking to Quetzalli Bulnes for WWE's E"l Brunch," Kross revealed why he didn't want to immediately call for a clash with Roman Reigns when he first earned a main roster spot with WWE back in 2021.

"When I was leaving NXT the first time and coming to the main roster, my goal was to compete against Roman Reigns," Kross said. "I wanted to be very careful about how I would talk about them publicly, because sometimes when you say what you want to do publicly it will never happen. People would ask me, 'Do you wanna wrestle Goldberg? Do you wanna wrestle Brock Lesnar? Do you wanna wrestle Bray Wyatt? Drew McIntyre? Randy Orton?' Yes, across the boards, but I would never ever talk about Roman Reigns. I didn't want him to know I was coming."

Kross was released from WWE on November 4, 2021, after his original run came to an ignominious end. Once Vince McMahon retired, however, he found himself back in the company, and even had a staredown with Reigns in his return to close out the August 5, 2022, episode of "WWE SmackDown."

"At the time I thought that I would naturally just get there," Kross said. "So this time coming back, immediately going towards my original goal to compete against him, I feel very, very good about this. This is exactly where I want to be."