Backstage News On How Day-To-Day Has Changed At Titan Tower Under New WWE Regime

There's been a shift in mood at Titan Towers. According to PWInsider, the morale of employees working day-to-day at WWE headquarters in Stamford, CT, has "been much better" following the resignation of Vince McMahon. The report notes that the average energy within the building has improved, as well as employees' work/life balance. It's said that there was "always something of a fear" under McMahon's regime, with things such as being expected to work insane hours and never being able to turn off cell phones, especially if you were further up the corporate ladder, as it was likely that the individual in question would be "fielding calls at all hours of the night."


After McMahon resigned in the midst of sexual misconduct allegations in July, his daughter, Stephanie McMahon, took the reins as Chairwoman and co-CEO alongside co-CEO Nick Khan. Furthermore, Paul "Triple H" Levesque eventually became Chief Content Officer. It's understood that employees have "settled into a new groove" under the new regime and that stress levels have "lessened." Additionally, it's noted that when employees do cross paths with the new management team, they can have "polite conversations," where previously this was not the case, with one WWE employee reportedly comparing Vince McMahon to the T-Rex in "Jurassic Park." The general feeling is that staff are now able to breathe, with going into work becoming a far more positive experience without it being an "unending purpose in life."


In regard to the creative team, while script rewrites do occur as part of the process, meetings are more "streamlined and regimented," and that is reportedly largely down to Levesque's impact. It's also said that writers can now focus more on developing new ideas rather than being "worn out by the grind." There is also an added feeling that they "are building a foundation of being proactive and building for the future."