Backstage News On The Young Bucks Possibly Sending Feelers To WWE

An update on whether or not The Young Bucks have sent out feelers to WWE has surfaced. Matt and Nick Jackson are two of AEW's Executive Vice Presidents and played a crucial role in convincing Tony Khan to start his own wrestling promotion. Things got off to a hot start, but now there is turmoil that's left many wondering what is next.

Former AEW World Champion CM Punk brawled with The Young Bucks backstage following the All Out pay-per-view. Punk went off on the AEW EVPs (The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega) and accused them of starting a rumor that he's to blame for Colt Cabana being moved to Ring of Honor, another promotion owned by Khan, due to their personal issues. Omega, Ace Steel, and others were also involved and are believed to have been suspended along with Punk and the Bucks.

The recent drama has caused speculation to run rampant. Rumors have surfaced claiming that The Young Bucks have sent out feelers to WWE to see if there's any interest once their AEW contracts run out. Feelers are nothing new in the industry, and it's a way that talent knows whether or not another promotion wants them.

Fightful is reporting that sources have told them there has been no indication that those rumors are true. The source noted that the belief is The Young Bucks wouldn't even need to send out feelers if they want to jump ship. If the rumor does indeed turn out to be true, however, the source mentions it would have come from someone in a very high position in WWE.

Furthermore, Fightful reports that there were no rumblings that The Young Bucks wanted out of AEW following the incident with Punk and Steel.