Dutch Mantell Addresses How 'A Regular Company' Would Handle Punishments For AEW All Out Fight

Dutch Mantell is well-traveled in the wrestling industry, and he knows the business unlike most others. As such, he's always happy to provide his thoughts on current developments, and in the latest episode of "Story Time With Dutch Mantell," he addressed the recent locker room fight between CM Punk, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and others, that let to all parties involved, including agents separating the fight, being suspended indefinitely.


"If this would have happened in a regular company, they'd all been fired," Mantell said. "Wrestling is different than a regular company. You need these people. They have more TV than anybody else and all of a sudden you gonna fire them? [For] them not being able to control themselves?" Instead of giving The Elite and Punk the axe, Mantell would have done what Tony Khan did and suspended them, but there would have been one added element that would make the wrestlers take notice.

"If I'm going to suspend them, I'm gonna suspend them and fine them about $20 grand. Wrestlers respond to money," he said. "You got to make it biting and tell them that 'This first case is a test case. Anybody else would be fired on the spot.'"


Mantell won numerous championships as part of the territorial wrestling scene in the 1970s and 1980s, most notably in Jerry Jarrett's and Jerry Lawler's Memphis-based Continental Wrestling Association. He is best known to modern fans, however, as a manager, spending some time in the World Wrestling Federation as the character Zebekiah in the 1990s and later returning as the villainous bigot Zeb Coulter in the 2010s, when he famously managed The Real Americans, Jack Swagger and Cesaro, both of whom currently compete for AEW as Jake Hager and Claudio Castagnoli.