The Creed Brothers Take Influence From WWE Hall Of Fame Tag Team 'To This Day'

The Creed Brothers have drawn inspiration from a legendary tag team. Brutus and Julius Creed have already made their mark on WWE's "NXT" brand. Many have praised them for being an exciting tag team that can be a force down the road.

During a chat with Jim Varsallone, the former "NXT" Tag Team Champions admitted that the Steiner Brothers have served as key inspirations to them.

"We got to meet Rick, shook his hand, talked to him," Brutus Creed said. "Scott as well, right? Definitely big growing up. We watched the Steiners a lot. We actually still take from them to this day. All respect to them, we still respect them for what they did, but at the end of the day, they can get it too. I would put the Creed Brothers up against the Steiner Brothers any day."

There's also a current member of the "Raw" roster who the Creed Brothers have looked up to.

"It's a really cool business to get to stand on the shoulders of giants," Julius Creed said. "To see all the amateur wrestlers who came before us to help pave the way. You talk about Jerry Brisco, there was also Jack Brisco. They were a set of brothers that did it also. You have the Steiner Brothers, Shelton Benjamin, we draw a lot from Shelton Benjamin. I think if you could take all those guys and put them in one big pot and draw from the best characteristics of all of them, that's what we aspire to be and that's what we work so hard to do."

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