Seth Rollins Names Chicago Bear He Thinks Would Be Good WWE Star

We've seen many former football players transition to the world of pro wrestling. Roman Reigns was a former defensive tackle for the Minnesota Vikings and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Now, he's widely considered to be the biggest star in WWE. Brock Lesnar even tried his hand at making it in the NFL between his stints in WWE.


During a recent appearance on the "Under Center: Chicago Bears Podcast," Seth Rollins answered the question of which athlete from the Chicago Bears he thinks can have success in WWE.

"I think as far as Chicago Bears that would make great WWE superstars, let me think here," Rollins said. "Who's got the personality, man? To me, I love Roquan (Smith) just because he's so smart and I think he's super intense and he brings the physicality every single time. So, if I had to pick one he'd probably be the guy because I think he can make an immediate impact. I think he can just be tossing dudes left and right, you know?"

Rollins joked that he could give Justin Fields a run for his money at quarterback, although he quickly admitted he'd probably be on special teams just hoping to get a tackle.


While Rollins is a fan of the gridiron, he'll need to stay focused on his big match set for the September 19 episode of "Raw." That's when he's scheduled to challenge Bobby Lashley for the WWE United States Championship.

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