New AEW Fight Forever Sneak Peek Features Look At Paul Wight Vs. CM Punk Match

"AEW Fight Forever" is being showcased overseas and due to that, fans are getting a better look at the gameplay. THQ Nordic Games has a booth at the Tokyo Game Show in Japan and Twitter user "@MonsterBrunch" was on hand to share some images, footage and feedback regarding the highly anticipated video game. Several tweets have been shared but one features a match between CM Punk and Paul Wight


"Paul Wight is very fun to play with," he said. "Good sense of weight and power. Opponents cannot lift him without a high spirit meter. He can come off the top rope with a chop." Other Tweets show Adam Cole, Kenny Omega, Hikaru Shida and Thunder Rosa in action.  "Not exactly crowded at the 'AEW Fight Forever' consoles at the Tokyo Game Show but the game is GREAT," @MonsterBrunch shared. "A modern reimagining of the old AKI games like No Mercy and Virtual Pro Wrestling."

Expectations of that classic wrestling game feel is what many fans have been clamoring for and Kenny Omega has touted such influences since early on in the development of "Fight Forever." THQ and Yukes have been the makers of popular wrestling titles like "WWF SmackDown: Here Comes The Pain" and "WWF SmackDown: Shut Your Mouth." "Fight Forever" presents a lot of similarities to the Nintendo 64 classic "WWF No Mercy" as the grappling system reflects that game and the fighters have a "spirit" meter. Omega recently mentioned how he still was not satisfied with how the game is in its current state, but it was finally able to be taken on the road and played with.