MJF Comments On Backstage Problems In AEW

MJF isn't "on the team," but he is present in the AEW locker room.

In a recent interview with "The MMA Hour" host Ariel Helwani, MJF was asked whether he felt the "inmates were running the asylum" in AEW.


"I don't know if I agree with that," the AEW original responded.

Helwani pressed MJF about the fact that three now-suspended members of the locker room are also Executive Vice Presidents.

"Can they co-exist? Is there separation between church and state?" MJF mused, "I think that goes out the wayside because what there is at AEW, and to be honest I'm not a part of the team but I watch from the sidelines, give 'em a little ra-ra because what I care about's me at the end of the day. When I watch the boys and I see how they react in certain situations, it's a team atmosphere. Everyone wants these three letters to be successful. The only three letters I care about are MJF, but everybody in AEW cares about AEW letters. It's palpable when you watch our show. You can feel it. Everyone gives 110%."


MJF reminded Helwani that AEW is "a baby," as far as its legacy.

"It's a three-year-old company. They want to raise this baby up like in the frickin' 'Lion King' on top of the rock. You feel that. It's palpable."

MJF says he "read[s] stuff online," and chuckles.

"It's ridiculous. Everybody wants this place to be successful. MJF wants MJF to be successful. It's a team atmosphere."

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