Swerve Strickland Recalls Struggling To Impress Triple H In WWE NXT

Top Dolla, B-Fab, and Ashante Thee Adonis are among the formerly released Superstars who recently returned to WWE as part of Triple H's creative regime. However, the Hit Row members have been missing one member since they came back. Swerve Stickland, formerly known as Isaiah "Swerve" Scott, was aligned with the faction prior to their release in 2021. He since joined All Elite Wrestling, but he hasn't forgotten about his time in WWE and working with "The Game."


During an interview with "The Sessions with Renee Paquette," Strickland recalled how he struggled to impress Triple H when he was a member of the "NXT" roster, which led to some meetings with his boss.

"I had a couple of conversations with Triple H. I'm like, 'When am I gonna be your guy? What is it gonna take for me to be your guy?'"

Strickland recalled how he had three conversations with Triple H in regard to getting some answers. On top of that, he used to stare at his boss during production meetings as he wanted Triple H to feel his presence. "I wanted him to feel the heat that I was glaring at him."

After finally getting some answers from Triple H, Strickland wasn't satisfied with the feedback he received. In short, he felt they were "repetitious" responses that were given to all performers who enquired about pushes, which motivated him to be creative. He then spoke to Shawn Michaels, who sat down and worked with Strickland for a year. After that, Strickland changed his hair color and put grills in his mouth, which caught the attention of Triple H. However, it was an intense television match he had with Bronson Reed that caught the eye of management, leading to praise from Stephanie McMahon and her husband.