MJF Names His Favorite Member Of The Bloodline

Maxwell Jacob Friedman has never shied away from making his voice and opinion heard on all matters professional wrestling, and his September 19 interview with "Barstool Wrasslin" host Brandon Walker was no different. When MJF wasn't emasculating the host about the height of his chair, he was delving into all kinds of topics with the most open-faced, brutal honesty that only "The Salt of the Earth" could oblige.


MJF has never been one to stay away from questions about the "other side of the fence", i.e. WWE. He has gone on record with a number of glowing praises for the company, as well as teases about him watching their weekly product, particularly segments where Roman Reigns' dominant group "The Bloodline" is concerned.

On that note, a topic that came up near the tail end of the roller-coaster interview was the subject of Reigns' group, specifically who among "The Bloodline" faction was MJF's favorite. While the Long Island native initially wanted to say his favorite was Sami Zayn, who's stock within the group has been on the rise and has been seen seconding the newest Bloodline member Solo Sikoa as of late, both MJF and Walker dismissed Zayn as only being an "honorary Uce" and not an actual member of the group. Instead, MJF went with the "Wise Man" of the group Paul Heyman: "I'm going to go with my 'Uncle Paul' ... I mean, I know he's a member of my tribe, but no, he's Bloodline, he's Bloodline offish, making major moves."


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