Headbanger Thrasher Opens Up About His Struggles Following WWE Release

Headbanger Thrasher had a rough go of things following his WWE release. He was released by the company in late 2000, while his Headbangers tag team partner Mosh was out just eight months later. During an appearance on "Stories With Brisco And Bradshaw," Thrasher discussed his life following his WWE release.


"It's funny, our roles have reversed," Thrasher said. "I moved down to Florida about 10 years ago and I was really, really bad overweight. I've had fights with weight problems probably since I left WWF. I was as heavy as 315 at one time. I came down here and Chaz was like, 'Just move down to Florida, we'll start wrestling again and everything.'"

Mosh joked that it took Thrasher 10 years in order to finally be convinced to wrestle again. Thrasher said once he got back in the swing of things, the results started to show.

"I finally moved down here and everything else and I got as low as 215," Thrasher said. "It was bad."

When asked what he thinks caused the weight gain, Thrasher shared the following.


"I'm gonna be honest, a lot of it was depression," Thrasher admitted. "When I left WWE at the time I didn't know what to do. Chaz was down here still doing his own thing, I didn't know what to do. So, I was just eating everything and anything."

The Headbangers did make an appearance during the August 30, 2016 episode of "SmackDown." They faced Rhyno and Heath Slater in a "SmackDown" Tag Team Championship Tournament match. They later returned for two more appearances on "SmackDown."

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