Booker T Comments On 'Philosophy Change' WWE NXT Is Undergoing

Since taking over as WWE's Head of Creative in July 2022, Triple H has shaken up the on-screen product for the main roster quite a bit. But no change may be more significant than the one coming to the "NXT" developmental brand. The September 13 airing of "NXT 2.0" marked the one-year anniversary of the show's colorful rebrand. However, after "NXT 2.0" signed off on the USA Network that night, the "NXT" official Twitter account released a video that revealed a new logo — one similar to what was used during the brand's "Black and Gold" era in the 2010s. 


Rumors seem to suggest this color callback signals the end of the 2.0 era for "NXT" and a return to what once was. Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T touched upon any potential changes the WWE's third brand might make on his "Reality of Wrestling" podcast.

"I even heard 'SmackDown' feels like the old 'NXT' now," the former WCW Champion stated. "For years, if you were a pro wrestler, your ultimate goal was to get to WWE, and AEW has now come along ... I think that's what they're striving for is to make people gravitate to that (WWE) logo again."

Booker added he feels that even with the rebrand, "NXT" should stay as a developmental brand for WWE, keeping a distance from the "indie style" of wrestling it had become known for prior to the reboot. "I always thought 'NXT' should be that breeding ground, that camp where you get guys ready to come up to the next level — the Bron Breakkers," Booker noted.