Rocky Romero Clarifies The Good Brothers' Contract Status

After being released by WWE, The Good Brothers — Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows — signed a deal with Impact Wrestling back in 2020. During their run with the company, they laid claim to the Impact World Tag Team Championship on three different occasions. But, as of late, there has been some uncertainty regarding the duo's standing with Impact. Rocky Romero, who is good friends with Anderson and Gallows, recently appeared on "The Undisputed Podcast" with an update on their contract status. "Yeah, they wrapped up with Impact," Romero stated. 

While with Impact, the Good Brothers still made several appearances for New Japan Pro-Wrestling. In fact, Anderson remains the current NEVER Openweight Champion. Now that their run in Impact Wrestling is complete, they are expected to work NJPW shows more regularly in the future (via the Wrestling Observer). Speaking on the matter, Romero added that it's been cool to have both Anderson and Gallows back in Japan.

"It's been really exciting to have The Good Brothers back," exclaimed Romero, "which is kind of wild, because they were such a huge part and influence of kind of this rebirth at New Japan, Bullet Club and, I mean we were there for it." He continued, "We watched a lot of it, and obviously then when they went to WWE with AJ [Styles], that was like a big moment and kind of an important moment in independent wrestling outside of WWE. We saw the ripple effect; obviously, it affected New Japan and Ring of Honor and a lot of other companies. That was cool that they're back in New Japan and doing good business."

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