Ricochet Gives His Thoughts On NXT 2.0

"WWE NXT" has undergone a number of changes over the past year, with the "NXT 2.0" rebrand becoming a very different product from that of "Black and Gold" days. The new version may not have always been accepted by fans of the original "NXT," but former North American Champion Ricochet gave it credit for "trying something different" in his recent conversation with NBC Sports Boston.


"I think in this business, it's forever; it doesn't stop. So I think NXT 2.0 is trying something new ... I think it was just so sudden and so quick that people didn't get a chance to adjust," Ricochet said. "That was the biggest aspect. But now I think it's changing again — not back to what it was, but to something different, something that I feel like will be better."

One of the things that the "NXT 2.0" era has embraced is occasionally bringing in main roster talent to compete, including Ricochet himself. He recently challenged Carmelo Hayes for the North America Championship at "NXT" World's Collide – something that brought established star power to the show.

"I think now they have a grasp on bringing maybe some 'Raw' or 'SmackDown' people in, or maybe some 'NXT' people to 'Raw' or 'SmackDown' and it really might start being something bigger. Who knows?" he added. "But I think it's so cool to be thinking about the future. I'm positive and really excited to see what will come from it."


During the end of last week's one-year anniversary episode of "NXT 2.0," a tease of more changes to come for the developmental brand popped up, with the colorful logo of the rebrand looking more like the black and gold colors of the past. 

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